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The perfect opportunity to return to the history of a device that marked an entire generation, and even an entire era.

January 24, 1984: during the now usual keynote, Steve Jobs presents his brand new Macintosh to his investors. Since then, the name of the range has been shortened to the first three letters, but its success is still worldwide, and its manufacturer is still one of the largest PC sellers on the planet.

The first model, called 128K (it was its amount of RAM!) Following the release of its successors, cost $ 2,495 at the time, and offered a 9-inch screen in black and white. The processor, meanwhile, was a Motorola 68000, a component also used by the Ariane 5 rocket, A320 aircraft and the Saturn console from Sega.

Evolution over the years and the market

Between 1990 and 1998, just a few years later, the firm today led by Tim Cook experienced some setbacks and lost ground in the face of fierce competition from IBM and Windows. Fortunately, its historic founder returned to the ship at the end of this period and launched … The iMac, whose design could soon be reviewed. The desktop computer was a resounding success and revived the finances of the Californian company.

Nearly 4 decades later, there is a huge array of computers to choose from: the MacBook Air is among the most iconic for private individuals, while professionals are turning to more versatile solutions like the all-new Mac Pro. And you, what is your favorite Mac? For my part, I would opt for the MacBook Pro with a 16-inch screen and a Touch Bar that was released before the holidays. This product is certainly a little heavy, but it is ideal for working with a sufficiently large slab while remaining nomadic.

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