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Since their release, Apple AirPods have been selling very well because they are surprisingly practical, as we noted in our AirPods review. The newer AirPods Pro are also a success.

So let’s see 6 practical tips for AirPods, some of which are amazing and not necessarily well known.

1- Live Listen or AirPods as a hearing aid

This is an accessibility feature, which lets you hear someone speaking near the iPhone microphone in AirPods.

just go to Settings> Control Center> Customize commands. Then on this page, add the “Hearing” icon to the control center to use the real-time listening function.

2-How to prolong listening at the end of the battery

When you reach the end of the battery, a trick allows you to recharge the AirPods without cutting your music or your current movie. Just use only one of the two. One is worn in the ear to ensure continuity of listening, while the other is stored in the case, it charges. Then we reverse!

In addition, everything is provided by Apple: the earpiece used alone can hear the two right and left channels even when listening to stereo sound.

3-Know who’s calling me!

When a phone call occurs and the user is wearing the AirPods, the reflex is usually to look on the screen of the Apple Watch or the iPhone, to find out the identity of the correspondent. But there is a function that lets you hear the name of the caller in AirPods.

To activate this function, go to Settings> Phone> Announce Calls, then select “Headphones only”.

4Locate lost AirPods

The loss of precious and small AirPods is the fear of any user. Fortunately, it’s possible to use the Find My iPhone app to identify the last geographic position of AirPods before losing connection with the iPhone or Apple Watch.

Once close to AirPods, when connected again, the app can ring them to locate them.

5-Music control with Siri

Did you know you can use Siri to control music? With AirPods, you only need to double tap a headset to activate Siri.

It then becomes possible to control the voice assistant with instructions such as:

“Go to the next song”
“Go back to the previous song”
“Increases the volume by 25%”

6-Choose the microphone used by AirPods

By default, AirPods automatically know which microphone to use, the microphone in the right earpiece or the one in the left earpiece.

However, it is possible to manually choose the microphone to be used. Which can be handy if one of the two AirPods is damaged, or if noise occurs more particularly on one side!

To do this, go to Settings> Bluetooth, press the ‘i’ next to the AirPods. Then in the “Micro” section, select AirPod left or right.

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