In addition to the illegality of the act, you should know that an Apple device stolen from its cocoon will not allow you to call, send messages or download applications.

Because yes, if the phone or tablet loses the beacon signal from the store, it displays a black screen requesting an immediate return to its place of origin.

IPhone stolen from Apple Store freezes

Although the news has “settled down”, many thefts have taken place in Apple Stores a few months back: the clever ones have found a way to force the security of Apple stores to steal many devices.

Only, as our colleagues from Forbes report, stolen and resold devices are obsolete … Once the connection lost with the Bluetooth tags from the Apple Store, the iPhone screen goes black, asking for a return to the store under penalty of alerting the police.

Aside from the looting that is taking place in places, iPhone theft has been a problem in big cities for years. Apple has therefore gradually strengthened security with an advanced “Locate” function.

Of course, it is neither possible to restore it, nor possible to switch it to DFU mode (recovery) since Apple has planned everything: the device becomes a simple unusable brick, which will then have to be sold for spare parts.
And the firm reminds us:

If your device disappears, put it in lost mode to lock it immediately and start tracking its location.

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