The iPhone 12 should this year be declined in three models, which should be launched during the month of September, probably at prices very close to those of the iPhone 11. Here is all that we know at this stage of the next iPhone.

1-The AirPods included in the pack?

The iPhone 12 would be the first Apple smartphone to include wireless headphones in the package. In fact, 1 month ago, Digitimes revealed that the EarPods would be definitively excluded from the pack to make room for the AirPods. A rather strange decision since the AirPods sell like hotcakes. Apple’s strategy would be to take advantage of the success of its wireless headphones to add weight to the decision to choose the iPhone rather than an Android smartphone.

2-The integration of 5G

The other big rumor of the iPhone 12 (which is almost certain) is the integration of 5G. The first mobile plans including 5G are expected to be launched around the world starting this summer. Apple would have put maximum pressure on Qualcomm to get the 5G chip ready for the iPhone 12.

3-The return of Touch ID?

Rumors have spread to the idea of a return of the Touch ID in the next generation of iPhone. Indeed, according to the latest indiscretions on this subject, Apple would offer biometric recognition thanks to a sensor under the screen and simultaneous facial recognition. Basically, Apple wanted to offer the return of the Touch ID with the iPhone 11, but failing to find the solution to integrate it under the screen, the Californian firm would have been forced to shift this innovation a little.

4-Improvements in photos

Photo enhancements This will be one of the big selling points for the iPhone 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. As every year, Apple will repeat its marketing around innovations in photography with the iPhone. You know the famous #ShotoniPhone advertisement! The latest rumors say two important things in the evolution of rear sensors: Optical stabilization The x10 zoom For optical stabilization, it would be to reduce or even completely remove blurry shots because the lens you take in the photo has moved, or it was you who had moved the iPhone during the photo. Apple would include a motion sensor that would instantly move the photo sensor inside the camera module, just to compensate. For the 10x zoom, this should be the new trend this year. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (yes again him), a research note from TF International Securities says that the Huawei P40 Pro would have a real optical zoom x10. A novelty that Apple would also offer with its iPhone 12 (but probably reserved only for the “Pro”).

5-Reverse charging

Reverse charging Addicts to the Android universe do not hesitate to tackle iPhone owners regarding reverse charging, in their eyes this is an element that justifies saying that their smartphone is light years away from it. iPhone, which is late. Admittedly, the reverse recharge is fantastic, it allows you to share the autonomy of your iPhone with someone who is in battery trouble.

6-The notch

I do not know about you, but the notch on the iPhone becomes difficult to bear when you look at the competition which offers an ultra reduced notch, or even more notch at all. The iPhone 12 should make the notch disappear according to some rumors. The sensors necessary for the Face ID or the front camera for selfies or video calls of the FaceTime type, should be placed under the screen. The surface where the sensors will be will turn black when the sensors are used.

7-The OLED Premium screen

Who has the best screen quality? In September 2020, you will answer “iPhone 12”. According to rumors in early December 2019, the screen would have advanced display technology, which would also allow for thinner screens. The qualities of this new screen will be the superior display quality, but also a big gain on energy consumption, a relief for autonomy! Samsung would remain the main supplier of these new OLED panels, which would allow the South Korean firm to secure a big, juicy contract for the year 2020. The screen would also be in 120 Hz, like the iPad Pro 10 , 5 inches and that of 12.9 inches. At present, iPhone screens offer displays in 60 Hz. The advantage of 120 Hz, will improve the user experience thanks to a higher reactivity, which will be more comfortable when watching a video or when you will be playing a game. Obviously, the developers will have to make their applications compatible.

8-An A14 processor in 5nm and 6 GB of RAM

An A14 processor in 5nm and 6 GB of RAM For this new generation of iPhone, Apple should activate the top speed by integrating the chip which would announce the most power of the fall of 2020, the A14 chip would be engraved in 5nm, a first from the A11 chip. TSMC has already signed the contract to take care of production. Regarding RAM, the new iPhone 12 should all have 6 GB of RAM, when current iPhones have 4 GB.

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