While the COVID-19 health crisis continues to paralyze much of the world, the economic system is showing its limits and the forecasts are bleak to say the least. In the United States, the main home of the Apple Card, unemployment is hitting record highs, and experts are beginning to doubt that it will return to normal. In this difficult context, and following similar decisions taken for the previous months, Apple and Goldman Sachs, its partner, announced that Apple Card customers would have one more month to settle their May bills, at no additional cost.

This announcement follows the trend for current industry practices, so interest will still be payable. The company will no doubt continue to apply these kinds of measures until the end of the pandemic, an economically logical decision. To take advantage of this additional delay, users must join the Customer Assistance Program directly from Apple Wallet on their iPhones. Released last summer, this credit card has met with some success, but its future is complicated by current conditions.

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