It is again a remarkable attitude and full of kindness that can be seen at Apple. Tim Cook and the rest of the management team have decided to get 20 million masks to donate to healthcare professionals who are on the front line fighting Covid-19.

This is Apple’s second big donation

It was through a new video posted on his Twitter account that Tim Cook announced this new action by Apple to fight the Covid-19. The CEO explained that he had invested in 20 million masks from production chains belonging to Apple. We think of Foxconn and its other partners in China, India and Taiwan. We told you a few weeks ago that Tim Cook asked for “special mask” production chains in parallel with the production of Apple products.

Another important point is that the Cupertino company works in collaboration with governments around the world to help in priority the countries having the most difficulties in the supply of masks in pharmacies, in health establishments … imagine that France is likely to be affected by this donation from the Californian giant.

The CEO also announced that he is working with his partners on face screens for caregivers who are in contact with patients with Covid-19. Tim Cook says he has been told that assembling the face shields takes less than two minutes, which allows for a high production rate and a satisfactory order result. In addition, they can be folded, which allows you to put up to 100 in a box!

Regarding the masks, the Cupertino company does not intend to stop there and continue to help countries around the world. The Apple CEO explained that the Cupertino company plans to continue mass production in order to obtain a result of: 1 million masks by the end of the week, then 1 million additional masks per week. Apple insists that it will be donations every time, the company refuses to sell masks.

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