he panoply would drool any techie touched by the history and products of the apple brand. Unfortunately, it is not possible to come and admire it on command: it is private.

1976: In the garage of Steve Jobs’s parents, the three co-founders of Apple set out to develop what would later become one of the first commercially available personal computers. Since then, success has been there, so much so that the firm has become the fourth PC seller on the planet.

This success is such that it has long inspired many entrepreneurs and designers, but not only. Indeed, some users are as won over by the evolution of electronic headset devices as their creators, to the point that some people choose to create their own small museum at home. This is particularly the case of Jimmy Grewal, a resident of Dubai.

Macs as far as the eye can see

Adept at meditation (which I highly recommend), this computer scientist was almost twenty years ago in charge of developing Internet Explorer on macOS. He has since created his own company, but remains an unconditional admirer of the key stages through which his former employer went.

Il a ainsi choisi de modeler une de ses pièces afin de la faire ressembler à un Apple Store ayant traversé le temps. On y retrouve, entre autres, bon nombre d’ordinateurs Macintosh de toutes les époques, que l’homme a su chiner dans les travers de la toile pour compléter une frise chronologique grandeur nature remplissant plusieurs étagères.

Ce n’est pas la première fois que la multinationale fait des émules. Ainsi, il y a peu, une simple notice de l’Apple 1 avait été adjugée… Aux alentours de 10 000 euros. Rien que ça.

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