mac pro wheels whithout brakes

When the new Mac Pro was released at the end of 2019, everyone was amazed when Apple announced the price of $ 400 for the tower casters. No brand would dare to do this, but Apple has no complexes with the image of “luxury”. At this price, there is no room for error and yet, there is a big flaw …

It is the famous YouTuber Marques Brownlee who shared his discovery on his Twitter account. Happy owner of the Mac Pro, he noticed a rather annoying detail with the tower. After installing the wheels, he wanted to place his new Mac in a very specific place, except that the tower of the Mac Pro moved by itself as he shows in a video. Why ? Because the casters have no brakes, which is essential to avoid finding your Mac in the middle of the living room, a detail that seems incredible given the price of the casters!

The responses to the tweet are as always filled with humor! We have for example the famous parody account @JonyIveParody which sees a link with the Apple Car, the future electric and connected car from Apple. Or @gruber who announces that the brakes cost $ 500 more.

Anyway, the majority finds a lack of seriousness on the part of Apple who could have installed brakes on each roulette, it would probably have reduced only a few euros its huge profit margin.

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