A new patent published recently suggests that the apple company is preparing an improved version of its computer mouse.

If the sales force of Cupertino resides mainly in the iPhone and their accessories such as AirPods, PCs are also part of the range of products available in the Apple Store and on the official website of the firm. Introduced in 2009, the first version of the Magic Mouse was already the perfect companion for all professional users or those for whom the trackpad is not enough.

The second device update, launched in 2015, costs 99 dollars. If it is possibly one day rechargeable wirelessly, the potential innovation that interests us today concerns this time the shape of the tool.

A Magic Mouse… Round ?!

Thus, according to a document filed with the USPTO * in 2017 and validated only last year, Apple engineers have imagined a solution that offers greater ease when using the Magic Mouse. Indeed, at present, it is necessary to enter it in a particular direction for it to work. With the new circular design pictured in the patent, it would be history.

If this novelty seems superfluous, it could however save a few seconds when it comes to grabbing the mouse in a bag to start using it for the first time since it was put away. Last notable change: the cursor would move on the screen in a different way than before. There would be no need to move the device entirely, but simply tilt it.

The information is to be taken with tweezers: a patent is in no way the guarantee that the company will release this product in the days to come, but simply an assurance for the company which wrote it to appropriate it rights.

* United States Patent and Trademark Office 

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