Apple Music enriches its catalog. Apple’s music streaming service now has 60 million songs, where Apple has boasted 50 million so far. The evolution is posted on the Apple website. “60 million pieces. An ocean of music, “says the manufacturer.

Apple is at the same level as Tidal for the catalog. Spotify claims to have more than 50 million music on its streaming service in comparison. Same story on Amazon’s side with its Amazon Music Unlimited offer. For its part, Deezer indicates that its service has 56 million music in total.

Apple Music is the second-largest streaming service in the world with 60 million subscribers by the latest count. The first place is occupied by Spotify with 248 million users, including 113 million paying subscribers.

The latest release for Apple Music has recently been released is Apple Music Replay. Apple offers a playlist with the most-watched artists, tracks, and albums of the year. The playlist is personalized for each user.


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