All Apple TV + series are original and that gives Apple an idea: why not create podcasts that are also original based on the content of the streaming service?

Bloomberg reports that the manufacturer approached podcast producers a few months ago with the idea of ​​seeing if such a project could see the light of day and, most importantly, be interesting. Apple is trying to sell more and more of its programs and hopes that podcasts will push those who listen to them to switch to Apple TV + if it is not already done. Podcasts could also be an opportunity to go a bit more into the details of certain scenes or have a behind-the-scenes look.

This format of original podcasts already exists among the competition anyway. Indeed, Netflix offers podcasts that give behind the scenes of certain programs available on its platform. There are also podcasts that are dedicated to the company directly.

Apple is currently the primary distributor of podcasts in many countries, including the United States. The group therefore knows that podcasts dedicated to its series would make good publicity for Apple TV +. It is also a way to compete with Spotify, which is increasingly focusing on podcasts, to the point of integrating them into its streaming service. Conversely, Apple separates Apple Music and podcasts well.

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