apple tv plus

Apple’s video on platform is not just about video games and coronavirus. There are also series that are perfectly suitable for children, such as Snoopy in space, Helpsters or Ghost Writer. So many titles to discover quickly in a new 30-second spot, posted on YouTube this weekend.

Disney + may seem at first glance the most serious alternative for this type of public, with its attractive price from $6.99 to $12.99 per month (the trial version is also free) and its catalog including Marvel and Star creations. Wars. But TV + costs two euros less, which is not negligible in a year.

Soon a kids mode?
On Netflix, there is already a parental control mode which allows you to create a special account giving access only to a library of reduced content, without sensitive subjects. It’s the same with Spotify, which has also created a standalone application specifically for this purpose.

Apple, on the other hand, is quite shy about this and nothing seems planned at the moment with Apple TV +. At most we assume that the Watch connected watch will benefit from an improvement of this type, but difficult to watch an episode on such a small screen.

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