apple TV 4K

A new Apple TV 4K (6G) in the code of iOS 13.4

Firmware source code highlights a new Apple TV codenamed “T1125”. Currently, the current Apple TV 4K is named “J105a” and the HD model (formerly Apple TV 4) is “J42d”. The letter “T” at the beginning of the codification suggests that it is an internal model, probably a prototype which is not yet completely finished. Aside from its existence, we know practically nothing about this new Apple TV. We imagine that it will keep the surname of Apple TV 4K and that it will be more powerful. Oh yes, the code suggests that the hardware is based on the arm64e architecture, the same as that used on the Bionic A12 and A13 chips. It would be a good progression compared to the current model which runs on an A10 Fusion chip. In the idea, a new Apple TV with a more powerful chip should significantly improve the performance to run Apple Arcade games. The rest, like playing 4K and HDR movies, is already handled worry-free. This reminds us of the latest rumor which suggested an A12 chip and an HDMI 2.1 socket.

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