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The Apple TV 4K is a very popular small decoder which was described as a hobby by Steve Jobs and which is proving to be more and more popular, especially by operators who replace their box with one which has an easy to use interface, an App Store and options for playing and watching all kinds of content. Still, some complain about the Siri remote that appeared in 2015 with the Apple TV 4K (5th generation). The controller would be too complicated to use due to too few buttons.

In this spirit, the Swiss company Salt, which belongs to the same group as Free, created an alternative remote control for Apple TV last September.

A third-party remote control for the Apple TV 4K

Designed only for Salt customers, the alternative remote control was designed in close collaboration with Apple after the Salt TV customer base complained about the default remote control. Available for 19.95 Swiss francs (20 dollars), the Salt Remote looks more like a traditional remote control than the Apple version, with many more buttons. It is also more imposing, necessarily, which makes it possible not to lose it. Out of the box, the Salt version works without adjustment with the Apple TV, an invisible pairing. Here, touch zone point, Siri point or even home button. Instead, you will have to do everything with the arrow keys, but also the volume or playback control buttons. What simplify the use in front of the gestures and the voice necessary on the other model. The only thing to know is that the Menu button must be held down to return to the home page. But impossible to display multitasking for example. These are the few drawbacks that do not seem to disturb the Swiss who favor this more familiar controller. Finally, the remote control requires two AAA batteries which must be replaced every six months on average. But hey, unless you are a Salt customer in Switzerland, you will not be able to get it.

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