Apple is far from done with the health features of its Apple Watch. Indeed, while the tocante is able to follow the heart rate, to follow our sports performances, to detect the falls or to carry out an electrocardiogram, the next version, the Apple Watch 6 could add the measurement of the oxygen level in the blood. But that’s not all, the smart watch should also improve the ECG.

The first novelty for the Apple Watch 6 therefore lies in the ability to measure the oxygen level in the blood in order to alert the user if the quantity is too low. This is what the watch is already doing for heart rate.
 You should know that a oxygen level in the blood between 95% and 100% is completely normal. On the other hand if the rate goes down, we must be careful, and more particularly with an oxygen level of less than 80% which can lead to serious problems in the heart and the brain. This can end in respiratory or cardiac arrest.

Apple Watch 5 (and even 4) could very well have this novelty via an update to watchOS 7, but the Cupertino company should keep it only for the new watch. The idea is to sell the latest model and thus compete with Fitbit or Withings which offer this functionality.

Finally, the ECG should improve. Available on Series 4 and Series 5, the EKG turns out to be imprecise when heart rates are between 100 and 120 beats per minute. The watch misses many cases of atrial fibrillation as we have seen recently. Improving the ECG would therefore be another novelty of Apple Watch 6. Perhaps software and hardware.

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