iphone 11 et iphone 11pro

For the presentation of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, Apple has not revealed everything on its smartphones. The product sheets suggest features which are nevertheless crucial and which have only been briefly mentioned.

iphone steps counting

The Apple Watch can be the ideal ally to follow your sporting activity during the day, with step counting in particular. But it should not be forgotten that the iPhone is also capable of tracking the number of strides made by its wearer. The integrated CoreMotion chip is in charge of this detection.

How to Take a Slow-mo Selfie or 'Slofie'

Apple has just released illustrative videos to showcase its new content format, giving an opportunity to review the steps for using it.


This music reading app is designed by Elvin Hu, an American design student. The particularity of this app , the interface is simply a virtual copy of the physical controls of the iPod, with its characteristic wheel.


The iPhone 12 should this year be declined in three models, which should be launched during the month of September, probably at prices very close to those of the iPhone 11. Here is all that we know at this stage of the next iPhone.

iso 13

iOS 13 is the thirteenth major version of the iOS operating system developed by Apple for its iPhone and iPod Touch. The successor to iOS 12 was released on September 19, 2019.