iPhone 11 Pro

IPhone 11 pro users have been reporting a bug with their iPhone for several days.

The latter would produce echo during a call in speaker mode. The echo would be so present that, according to testimonies, the calls become untenable.

It is possible that this audio malfunction occurs after the update of iOS 13.3 beta 1. But the iPhone 11 Pro from iDropNews suffering from the same problem runs on iOS 13.3. This public version of the mobile operating system would therefore also be affected. In addition, the severity of the audible echo varies from user to user.

It would probably be a software problem related to the cancellation of useful noise in speaker mode, having the task of suppressing the sound emitted by the speaker at the level of microphone pickup, thus avoiding the production of echo and repeat loop. In fact, the iPhone 11 Pro Max would be more severely affected than the iPhone 11 Pro, possibly due to its more powerful speaker.

Proof that noise cancellation seems to be dysfunctional or insufficient in these cases, the simple fact of lowering the volume of the speaker during the call seems to stop the echo, according to the feedback from those affected. In addition, the fact that the bug is absent from FaceTime on video call and that iOS 13.3 has seen testimonials of the same type flourish on the Internet constitutes two indications supporting the hypothesis of a software problem. Hopefully that is the case and that an update of iOS is enough to make it disappear.

In the meantime, if you suffer from this echo bug on iPhone 11 Pro and have installed iOS 13.3.1, try reverting to iOS 13.3. Also try lowering the volume of your iPhone 11 Pro slightly while calling the speaker. Finally, you can always take your machine to the Apple Store to see what an Apple technician would have to say on the subject.


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