The #shotOniPhone series welcomes this morning a complete film entirely made with the latest iPhone. The particularity ? In addition to being more than 5 hours long, 4K video was taken all at once with an iPhone 11 Pro. It is a cinematic journey through one of the largest museums in the world in Saint Petersburg, Russia, with 45 galleries, 588 masterpieces and performances.

A cinematic journey Filmed entirely on iPhone 11 Pro in one continuous take on a battery charge.

The film is an opportunity to highlight the video capabilities of the latest iPhone 11 Pro and its three objectives. Wide shots, close-ups, dynamic zoom, use of night mode, dynamic scenes, etc. But it is also a tour de force in terms of autonomy because the grip was made all at once, on a single charge. At the end, the phone still displays 19%. A pretty advertisement coupled with an artistic and cultural interest. Here is the Hermitage trailer, followed by the full movie for the bravest:

A new film entirely shot on the iPhone 11 Pro (#shotoniphone)

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