iphone steps counting

The Apple Watch can be the ideal ally to follow your sporting activity during the day, with step counting in particular. But it should not be forgotten that the iPhone is also capable of tracking the number of strides made by its wearer. The integrated CoreMotion chip is in charge of this detection.

This internal pedometer is therefore practical, provided it is precise! This is exactly what Stanford University medical researchers tried to verify recently. And here are the results of their study, with the comparison of the pedometer of the iPhone against a dedicated device:

It’s always good to remember that the iPhone can actually count steps. And to consult this data, go to the “Sources” tab of the Health app, then to “iPhone name” , in the Devices paragraph.

Then choose “Steps” to view the pedometer data recently recorded by the iPhone.

The app also displays distance traveled data, again based on CoreMotion.

The Stanford team of scientists therefore tested this functionality in 114 patients with heart disease. They compared the data on the iPhone with the results obtained using a dedicated pedometer, the ActiGraph GT9X Activity Monitor.

As a result, the iPhone counts steps fairly accurately. On average, it is 7.2% fewer steps counted compared to reality. It is also very close to the pedometer, with results deviating only 5.7% from those of the dedicated device.

However, when it comes to the calculated distance, the iPhone is not as good. He has a tendency to overestimate, with on average a measured distance overvalued by 43% compared to reality.

According to the researchers, this imprecision of the iPhone is due to the impossibility for the CoreMotion chip to adapt to the stride length of each.

The iPhone is therefore quite capable of counting the number of steps that you take during the day, provided you take care to always have it with you, otherwise the underestimation can be even greater, such as saw the.

But to count the distance traveled, it is better to have a dedicated device, such as a pedometer, or a connected watch, such as an Apple Watch.

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