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iOS 13 is the thirteenth major version of the iOS operating system developed by Apple for its iPhone and iPod Touch. The successor to iOS 12 was released on September 19, 2019.

So to welcome newcomers to the world of iOS, here are some tips to test immediately for a (very) little glimpse of what can do with the tablet or Apple’s smartphone freshly unwrapped, whether it is an XR , 11, 11 Pro. 11 pro max or older, at least iOS 13.

1-Dark mode: This is one of the flagship new features in iOS 13. Dark mode can be activated manually or automatically in the “Display and Brightness” section in the Settings app. It is also possible to quickly activate and deactivate it from a new shortcut in the control center.

Dark Mode

2-Optimized battery recharge: this “Optimized battery recharge” option limits the aging of the battery when recharging. When this option is enabled, the iPhone uses the daily charging habits of the user to limit charging below 80% and wait until the iPhone is used again. Because above 80%, recharging degrades the battery cells more quickly. The setting can be found in Settings> Battery> Battery health.

3-QuickPath keyboard: iOS’s virtual keyboard lets you quickly enter text with one hand by swiping continuously across letters.

Quick Path iOS 13

4-Connect a PS4 or Xbox One controller: from iOS 13, it is possible to connect a PS4 or Xbox One controller to play iOS games compatible with the controllers. Previously it was necessary to use controllers certified MFi on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. Note that a large number of games in the Apple Arcade service are compatible with controllers.

5-Graphs to learn more about battery consumption: the monitoring of the autonomy and the use of the battery of the iPhone or iPad is much finer since iOS 12. In Settings> Battery, it is now possible to see complete graphs of the energy consumption of his device, in the last 24 hours, but also the last two days.

6-Siri take you a photo: Siri gains in possibilities with each new version of iOS. Since the last updates, just ask Apple’s virtual assistant “Take me in selfie” to automatically open the Photos app with FaceTime camera activated. What easily immortalize the discovery of your new device!

7-When the camera serves as a magnifying glass: useful for the visually impaired, but not only, a “magnifying glass” mode is integrated into iOS. It allows you to make large zooms to facilitate the reading of small characters, for example. To take advantage of this, go to the device settings, in the General> Accessibility> >Magnifier section, then activate the corresponding function. Back on the home screen, press the “Home” button three times, then choose “Magnifier”.


8-Quick access to the camera on the locked screen: a simple swipe of your finger to the left on the locked screen brings you to the camera without even having to unlock the iPhone. To photograph faster than its shadow … or almost!
9-Send a handwritten message: in the Messages app, go to the desired conversation then place yourself on the text box as if you were going to write a classic message. Put the iPhone in “landscape” mode. A new screen opens to write a message with your finger. Make “OK” to validate then click on the arrow to send.

10-Create a secret message in Messages: you can send messages that the other party must decipher by swiping their finger over them. To do this, write your message, long press on the send arrow and choose “Invisible ink”, then send.

11-Siri and third-party applications: Apple’s voice assistant can work with third-party applications, provided they are made compatible. Regularly, new apps allow operation with Siri. See here for a list of those already compatible. To take advantage of this function, just quote the name of the app in the Siri request, for example: “Say Siri, send Hello to Céline on WhatsApp”. However, a setting must be activated in iOS.

12-Markup image editing: this editing function allows you to write and draw on images and photos or even to apply a zoom, in order to underline certain details. It is available in Messages and in Photos. To access it, nothing very complicated.

13-Smart searches in Photos: Photos is able to search by the object in the photo. To test it, click on the small magnifying glass at the top right in any tab of the Photos app. We can for example try the word car, so that all the photos on which there is a car are displayed. Even more impressive, just type a letter and Photos automatically offers a wide choice of keywords.

14-Screen recording on video: it is very easy to start recording what is happening on the screen of the iPhone or iPad. You must add the “screen recording” function in the control center, by going to Settings> Control center. Then, when ready to start recording, bring up the control center and press the corresponding button. To stop everything, just press the button again

Screen recording

15-The Notes app scans your documents: no need for third-party apps to scan paper documents using the Notes app. The function is accessible via the “+” button in Apple Notes and offers automatic edge detection, manual cropping, as well as several filters to produce a result in grayscale, black & white or color. Learn more about the Notes app

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