The similarities between the iPad Pro 2018 and 2020 are very important, both in terms of design and features. Many people wonder, is it better to buy the iPad Pro 2018 at a cheaper price or invest in the latest model which was launched just recently? We want to tell you that the new iPad Pro is worth it, but it all depends on your needs!

Finishing and capacities

On this point, nothing has changed, Apple wanted to renew the usual colors. Like the 2018 version, we find Space Gray and Silver, “basic” colors that easily find their audience. Regarding storage, small change for the iPad Pro 2020. Indeed it no longer offers 64 GB capacity, it is now 128 GB minimum. If you want more storage, you have 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB capacities on both models.

Advantage: The iPad Pro 2020 offers a minimum of more interesting storage.

The screen

Regarding the screen, nothing has changed (again). The iPad Pro 2020 has Liquid Retina with LED-backlit Multi-Touch. The screen is also accompanied by IPS technology which allows to obtain improved results in the viewing angle and in the color rendering.

All these features, the iPad Pro 2018 has them too. The resolution is also identical over the two generations, since there are 2,732 x 2,048 pixels at 264 pixels per inch.

The iPad Pro 2018 like that of 2020 have staggered ProMotion Technology which allows a refresh rate of the display of 120 Hz. A technology which makes the device more fluid and the games become more immersive thanks to their breathtaking responsiveness.

Equality: If your main criterion is a higher screen quality with the iPad Pro 2020, this is useless, because there is no difference between the two tablets.

The Processor

Something the iPad Pro 2020 does best is at the level of its processor. Indeed, the iPad Pro 2018 has the A12X Bionic chip with a 64-bit architecture. For its part, the new iPad Pro has the A12Z Bionic with an architecture also of 64 Bits.

In terms of performance, the first benchmarks did not notice a big difference, it must be said that the Cupertino company was not “very honest” on the A12X processor with simply the activation of an additional GPU core ( more information in our article on the difference between A12Z and A12X).

The iPad Pro 2018 and 2020 both have the Neural Engine and the integrated M12 Coprocessor.

Advantage: The iPad Pro 2020 offers a significant power gain that will always be more comfortable when you are going to use performance-intensive applications.

The Camera

The characteristics of the camera are important on an iPhone, but on an iPad it is rather secondary since few people use a tablet to take photos. Despite everything, it remains a selling point and on this one it is the iPad Pro 2020 which wins hands down!

Apple has added an ultra-wide-angle lens to the 2020 model, which helps frame your photos and videos better. These are new features also available on the latest iPhone 11.

The iPad Pro 2018 and 2020 each have 12 megapixels. But the 2020 has 2.
What they have in common: Panoramic (up to 63 MP), Photos and Live Photos with a wide range of colors, Smart HDR for photos, Burst and self-timer mode, Georeferencing of photos …

Advantage: The wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle lenses make all the difference for photographs and videos, iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max owners will not tell you otherwise, trying them is adopting them!

Video recording

There too little difference between the two iPads.
We find the recording of videos in 4K at 30 fps and 60 fps on the 2018 and 2020 model. However, small advantage for the iPad Pro recently released, it is able to do it in wide-angle and ultra wide-angle (except 30 fps). Apple has also made it possible for users to record 4K video at 24 fps, only for wide-angle.

On both models, we find the video stabilization worthy of a movie in the cinema and the support of slow motion at 240 fps in 1080p.

Advantage: There is not much difference, but the iPad Pro 2020 again marks an additional point thanks to its wide-angle and ultra-wide angle lenses.

The front camera

FaceTime conversations, selfies … The front camera is widely used on the iPad. Again, Apple has not made a big change on the 2020 model. We still find a TrueDepth camera with 7 megapixels and 1080p recording, portrait mode, portrait lighting, support for Animoji and Memoji, a screen simulated flash … The only new features related to the front camera on the iPad Pro 2020 are the automatic image stabilization and the exposure adjustment.

Equality: No big changes. Note that it is still sufficient overall for the use we make of it.

Face ID

Both tablets offer authentication via facial recognition which has already existed for several years on the iPhone (and may soon also be on the Mac). On the iPad Pro 2020, there are no reported improvements over this feature. No difference in speed, no difference in operation.

Equality: Whether it is on the 2018 or 2020 model, there is no difference in authentication to unlock the tablet or to make purchases via the iTunes Store or the App Store.


Welcome WiFi 6! One of the big new features of the iPad Pro 2020 is its ability to join WiFi networks with the 802.11ax standard. This new standard available in France on the SFR Box 8 and the Bbox Fiber WiFi 6 allows a much higher theoretical downlink speed (up to 2.4 Gb / s). As a reminder, WiFi 5 has a maximum downlink speed of 1.73 Gb / s. Well it remains “theoretical”, since you need a FTTH connection and an impeccable environment to try to reach even 70% of the advertised speed. To come back to the iPad Pro 2020, it’s a sacred commercial argument that the iPad Pro 2018 does not have. The iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are also compatible with WiFi 6, it was a logical continuity on the part of Apple.

Advantage: The iPad Pro 2020 has a big advantage on connectivity. For information, even if you don’t have the SFR or Bouygues Telecom box mentioned above, there are WiFI 6 routers available on Amazon.

Augmented reality

Breathtaking, incredible, beautiful, futuristic. There are a ton of words to describe the LiDAR scanner of the iPad Pro 2020. It is the innovation that clearly changes the difference between the two iPad models.

LiDAR technology is a revolution in augmented reality. It allows you to “measure distances by calculating how long light takes to reach a given object and to return to the source”.

Apple explains that this technique is used by NASA for its next mission on Mars, crazy! The LiDAR scanner uses rear cameras, motion sensors and iPadOS to measure depth.

Advantages: Just for that, the iPad Pro 2020 provides the ideal reason for buying compared to the previous model. If you want to take full advantage of an exceptional augmented reality, go for the latest generation iPad Pro.


The iPad Pro 2020 and 2018 are very similar in many respects. Before making your choice, you need to look at your needs. Do you need a slight performance boost? Do you need WiFi 6 or the best augmented reality on the market? It all depends on your use.

Admittedly, the iPad Pro 2020 is very interesting. We hope that you have been allowed to see a little more clearly on the difference between the two devices.

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