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Are you looking for new iOS games to get your teeth into? Here is our new best-of .

We offer our selection of the best new iPhone and iPad games released in recent days. We will try one or the other of the titles displayed below, while some of them are free. These can be tested easily. So don’t wait to make up your own mind! Also, don’t hesitate to come back to read us regularly to make sure you don’t miss out on the latest gaming news on iOS, among others.


Description: game combining action and strategy, in which the player has the task of fighting hordes of monsters in kinds of arenas. The visuals look promising.

Price: free on the App Store

2-Dark Raider

Description: good rogue-like as we like, with in addition, neat graphics and an original style. To test without waiting.

Price: free on the App Store

3-If Found

Description: novel of which you are the hero. Follow the story of Kasio, returning to his old house where his family lives before an unprecedented event takes place around the world. A game signed by the authors of the excellent titles Florence and Sayonara Wild Heats.

Price: $4,99 on the App Store

4-Willian The Game

Description: football is not in the spotlight during these pandemic times. Many competitions have stopped around the world. But in the virtual world, it is always possible to have fun with your feet. Take a look at this new little arcade football game that looks very nice.

Price: 3,49 € on the App Store

5-Black Block Blast

Description: the puzzle of the week, easy to handle and visually basic, all at a very small price. We recommend it!

Price: 0,99 € on the App Store

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