The new iPhone SE 2020 has arrived at the lucky few, the American media. As expected in our comparison, the iPhone SE 2020 is an excellent smartphone with first-rate performance and a great price. Despite an old-fashioned design, it offers a real alternative to Chinese Android, which is displayed around 400-500 dollars with a real arsenal of technology. If it is exceeded in photo, on display or in autonomy, the whole is homogeneous and powered by iOS, a major asset.

Several media like The Verge or Engadget, this iPhone SE 2020 is the best cheap phone on the market. We lend it high quality every day thanks to its A13 chip and its 3 GB of RAM, but also thanks to its connectivity worthy of the iPhone 11 Pro which allows us to go very quickly on all fronts. Even the camera is of good quality, like the iPhone XR with more than correct shots in normal conditions, a portrait mode based on AI and good video skills. The price makes you forget weaknesses like the lack of optical zoom or OLED screen, especially since Apple’s LCD is still the best on the market.

In short, a device that could carve out a large share of the market over the next 12 months with a price twice lower than the iPhone 11 Pro and future iPhone 12 Pro but with performances of the same ilk. We can therefore enjoy the latest games without problem. Not to mention that it will be updated as long as the two devices mentioned.

Our opinion on “iPhone SE 2020” (Apple)

Having tested the iPhone 8 and iPhone 11 Pro, we imagined exactly this kind of phone by testing the iPhone SE 2020. we had already concluded the same thing after the presentation from the latest iPhone. An excellent quality / price ratio for those who do not need the very high end or who simply do not want to put 700 dollars in a phone to call, listen to music, surf, play and possibly work.


  • Impeccable quality / price ratio
  • Good autonomy P
  • High performance
  • Good rear camera
  • Update for 5 years (iOS 18?)


  • Design seen and reviewed
  • Small screen
  • Photos in bad conditions
  • Touch ID (for those who love Face ID)

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