iphone SE 2020 vs iphone SE 2016

The new iPhone SE has finally arrived after four years since the launch of the first iPhone SE. Will its second edition be as successful as the first? In this article, we sifted through the differences and their similarities

It’s no surprise that the iPhone SE 2020 has little in common with the iPhone SE 2016, four years have passed and things have changed a lot in the iPhone universe.

However, Apple wanted to keep the same principle for its iPhone SE, that is to say a state-of-the-art hardware, nested in a compact design, all sold at an “affordable” price.

There were rumors that there would be a new iPhone at a low price, but with an introductory price of € 855, it was not the iPhone XR. So for almost two years, the only option for those looking for a cheap iOS was to opt for an older model. Until recently, it was the iPhone 8.

Comparison: iPhone SE 2020 vs iPhone SE 2016

Four years ago, Apple launched an iPhone that picked up the components of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6s, and compressed them into a 4-inch format just like the iPhone 5s.

This had resulted in the iPhone SE, a compact iPhone that offered the same technical features as the flagship model of Apple at the time, but at a more affordable price.

It was a huge success with consumers, until Apple abandoned it in September 2018 with the release of the iPhone XR.

Now Apple has discontinued the iPhone 8 and replaced it with the all-new iPhone SE, aka Special Edition.

In this article, we look at how the old iPhone SE compares to the new version. As you would expect, the two phones are light years apart, but we still managed to find common ground.

Home button

The most important is maintaining the physical home button. The iPhone SE 2020 is the ONLY iPhone, sold by Apple, that has this physical button.

However, it is different from its predecessor, the iPhone SE 2016, since it incorporates the second generation of Touch ID, introduced with the iPhone 6 but which had not been added to the original iPhone SE.

Display, dimensions and design

When the iPhone SE 2016 was launched, the main thing that set it apart from other iPhones of the time was its 4-inch screen. Unfortunately, this size was not kept on the new iPhone SE, Apple preferred to equip it with a 4.7-inch screen, like the iPhone 8.

Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing since a smaller screen means the iPhone is too. It is then more difficult to read, stream or play from it.

Here are the sizes and weights of the two editions of the SE:

  • iPhone SE 2016: 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm, 113 g
  • iPhone SE 2020: 138.4 mm x 67.3 mm x 7.3 mm, 148 g

In addition, it should be emphasized that the SE 2020 is a plus, which is rather appreciable.

Another element that could disappoint SE 2016 fans relates to the range of colors offered.

The 1st version was available, and is still available (refurbished), in space gray, silver, gold and rose gold. While the iPhone SE 2020 has only been available in White, Black and Red (Product RED). The black and white options will likely remind you of the iPod.

Both phones are however made of the same materials: glass and aluminum.

Premium components at a wise price

As previously mentioned, in 2016, the iPhone SE shared the same components with the 6s (launched in September 2015). This time around, the interior of the iPhone SE 2020 is identical to that of the iPhone 11. Which is a good thing because rumors were of a resumption of the hardware of the iPhone 8.

Apple therefore preferred the components of the iPhone 11 (as well as the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max), launched in September 2019, integrated them into a more compact device, and above all sells it at almost half the price of the 11.

Like the iPhone 11, the new SE features the A13 Bionic chip and the third generation Neural Engine. In addition, it also offers superb performance in terms of photography and augmented reality, in particular thanks to this chip.

The iPhone SE 2020 therefore has a better processor than the iPhone XR, which is moreover more expensive).

What about the characteristics of the iPhone SE 2016? Obviously, the SE 2020 is more powerful, remember that four years separate them! At the time, it was the A9 chip with its M9 motion coprocessor, just like the 6s.

Camera and battery

Four years have passed and yet nothing has changed on the side of the photo sensor since the two SEs have a 12 Mp sensor.

However, a world separates them since the processor of the iPhone SE 2020 is more powerful, and Apple has made some improvements to the sensor, such as a ƒ / 1.8 aperture rather than ƒ / 2.2.

On the iPhone SE 2020, there is also Portrait mode, portrait lighting with six effects, as well as depth control functions, allowing you to take photos with a blurred background.

Other new features developed during this four-year interval include the True Tone LED flash with slow synchronization, the Auto Focus with Focus Pixels, and stereo recording for video.

The most notable change concerns the selfie sensor. On the SE 2020, it is 7 Mp, while on the old iPhone SE, it is a sensor of only 1.2 Mp

Finally, let’s talk about battery life. According to the Apple company, the new iPhone SE allows viewing 13 hours of video on a single charge, a duration similar to that of SE 2016.

However, Apple claims that the SE 2020 has 40 hours of audio autonomy, compared to 50 for the 2016 model.

It’s interesting to note that the brand does not provide any information regarding talk time.

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