imac for gamers

A new rumor suggests the arrival of a Mac intended for gamers in 2020.

The Mac is not known to be the best machine for playing various games on the computer, it is a machine with limited graphics resources to properly run recent and demanding games.

As a result, most players invest in more powerful and personalized machines running Windows. But Apple may well offer an alternative to PC players, at least that is what a strange rumor that comes to us from the Patently Apple website suggests.

This site usually known for finding and analyzing the latest patents obtained by Apple, has just delivered a new report concerning the arrival in 2020 of a new Mac for gamers. An info to take with big tweezers, because Patently Apple is not used to Apple rumors.

A Mac gamers at 5000 $?

According to sources from Patently Apple, who are said to be close to Apple’s suppliers, the Cupertino company plans to build a new Mac in 2020, with a price tag of around 5000 $ for gamers.

However, it seems that the creation phase of this machine is in its infancy, and that Apple teams are hesitating between two formats, a laptop with a large screen or an all-in-one.

This machine could be unveiled at WWDC 2020.

We would like to point out that the Patently Apple site is not known in the world of Apple rumors, so this information should be taken with tweezers. It will be necessary to wait for another more reliable source like Bloomberg or the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo to validate this new rumor.

It is not however impossible that Apple launches out in the market of the gamers (a first for the firm), because Apple “invested” progressively in the games lately, with the support of the controllers PS4 and Xbox One on iOS 13 and iPadOS, but also their new Apple Arcade service.

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