Loud House Outta Control

Just arrived on App Store, the new game on Apple Arcade. Signed by the prolific game designer Nickelodeon. And for good reason, it is based on the cartoon which depicts the Loud family including the son Lincoln.

Outta Control: Reflection game for children

In its new game, Nickelodeon obviously targets minors and even children with a colorful, accessible and fun game. Based on the series that our children know, the title hides a puzzle where the characters will have to evolve in different situations so that they accomplish their tasks but above all without colliding. The gameplay is therefore all in action with in particular the layout of the paths to take. A sort of Airport Mania in short. To spice up the whole, the collisions give rise to funny scenes like flying pies, crammed layers and especially fights! Each place in the house is a pretext for a level and lively scenes. In short, a good little title to reserve for children whose parents are subscribed to Apple Arcade. Besides, let’s hope that more “hardcore” titles will arrive soon, because a large part of the hundred games is rather casual.

Watch the video of the game:

Loud House: Outta Control

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