Image transfer is an application installed by default on Mac and, as you can imagine from the name, allows you to easily and quickly transfer images from one medium to another (iPhone to Mac for example). A bug was found within Image Transfer with the creation of unnecessary data that can weigh several GB.

The discovery was made by the developers of NeoFinder. They explain that the Apple application offers to convert HEIC images taken on iOS to JPG files. Except that Image Transfer adds 1.5 MB of empty data to each photo for no apparent reason. With 1000 photos for example, the bug adds a weight of 1.5 GB with empty data.

The bug is at least present since macOS 10.14.6 (which was released in July 2019) and Apple has been warned of this problem.

Hex editor shows unnecessary data on photos converted by Image Transfer

NeoFinder developers conclude with a message to Apple:

Dear Apple: Please stop releasing major macOS updates every year. No one can handle this and certainly not you. And start by fixing the bugs. Really. Now “.

It should be noted that this bug only exists when you want to import photos from an iOS device and not when you choose to import photos from a digital camera.

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