We already knew the exchange program for the iPhone in the Apple Store, but not yet for the Mac! Before the announcement of the new iMac scheduled for WWDC 2020, Apple will soon launch an exchange program for Macs in its stores. For the United States we speak of a launch as of June 15, for Canada as of June 18.

Exchange your Mac for a new one (with additional cost)

What is great is that as soon as a large-scale measure is communicated to employees of Apple Store, it leaks quickly enough! The thousands of employees who work in Apple’s American and Canadian stores have recently received a note informing them that Apple is going to set up a Mac exchange program in Apple Store. When buying a new MacBook or new iMac, customers will be able to bring their old Mac back, which will reduce the bill for the new one. Bloomberg who is behind this revelation explains:

The tech giant based in Cupertino, California, has informed retail workers that the new program will begin on June 15 in the United States and June 18 in Canada, according to people familiar with the subject. Customers can redeem a Mac for credit for a new computer or apply the redemption value to an Apple gift card.

Mac’s exchange program already existed online, but it wasn’t yet in the physical Apple Store.

For the Mac exchange program, the concept does not change. The more you have a recent iMac or MacBook Air / Pro, the more attractive Apple’s financial participation will be. Of course, it will always be better to resell your Mac, but for some people who do not have the time or cannot find a buyer this can be an attractive solution.

In addition, it has been repeatedly proven that exchanging an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch when buying a new product was something that attracted consumers. As Apple products are expensive, a recovery can lower the price of the new device and therefore improve sales! The American media report explains:

The move could help boost Mac sales by giving customers a way to get credit for a new model at the point of purchase. However, the full impact of the program will likely take several more weeks, as around 200 of Apple’s retail stores are still closed due to the precautions of Covid-19.

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