Shipments to fall in the first quarter of 2020

Despite reassuring statements by Tim Cook on January 28, 2020 when the quarterly results were announced, all indicators seem to be red for all Apple products. The last indiscretion on this subject comes from the factories which are responsible for assembling MacBooks from the Cupertino company. It is revealed by the American media that there is great difficulty in producing, both for lack of personnel who prefer to remain confined to their homes for fear of going out and being infected with the coronavirus, but also by the sharp decrease deliveries of essential parts for the manufacture of MacBooks. At present, each subcontractor who assembles the MacBooks has reserve stocks for the components, but these stocks are not forever and gradually run out by pulling on them to meet the demand of the Californian giant.

Apple is far from the only company affected

Many PC manufacturers are also affected by this wave of production slowdown. According to one estimate, global laptop shipments will experience a serious drop of 29%, which could be as high as 36%. As long as the Coronavirus crisis is not resolved, the situation will remain complicated for the production of smartphones, tablets, computers, headphones … All the companies that make “Made in China” are currently in difficulty and it does no doubt that this will stain the next quarterly results. Several companies such as ODM Quanta Computer are launching emergency procedures which consist of accelerating mass production to new assembly lines located in the north of Taiwan to circumvent the Coronavirus crisis.

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