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Completely free, this alternative offers more possibilities than Safari or Firefox for video games.

Unveiled recently, the subscription offer to Apple Arcade allows you to be entertained thanks to more than 100 titles such as The Enchanted World, Cat Quest II or Manifold Garden. These games are compatible with Apple computers such as the latest MacBook Pro 16 ″ and thus do not limit themselves to a smartphone experience.

The problem is that it is increasingly complicated to reconcile the classic use of a web browser with gaming. Indeed, software like Chrome is generally energy intensive when it can become essential during a game, for example to record a live on Twitch. A real brake, now solved by Opera GX.

Performance check

What really differentiates GX from the more classic version of Opera, it is above all its functionalities allowing to limit the power of the different components requested by the program like:

  • bandwidth, whether it’s a 4G network or Wi-Fi,
  • RAM,
  • the processor.

Other tools are included in the browser, such as:

  • integration with Twitch for streaming,
  • picture-in-picture mode (to continue watching a video superimposed on a game for example),
  • an ad blocker and
  • a free VPN.

The best for the end ? All extensions from the Google Chrome Web Store can be installed on Opera GX. I see this as an obvious utility for growth hackers developing robots for scraping on a large scale.

Download OPERA GX on macOS

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