This music reading app is designed by Elvin Hu, an American design student. The particularity of this app , the interface is simply a virtual copy of the physical controls of the iPod, with its characteristic wheel.

This app is now available in the App Store, however to pass the process of validating apps on the App Store, the developer used a subterfuge.

It is prohibited to use images of Apple products or interfaces. The app has a basic interface with control buttons, but it is possible to upload an interface image from iPod to Twitter.

This image will hide the control buttons and it will be possible to use a new control method with the virtual iPod wheel.

Just slide your finger on this wheel to move through the different categories, and access them with the central button in the middle of the wheel. The clickable effect is even reproduced thanks to the haptic feedback on the iPhone.

The app is available for free on the App Store.


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