You never turn off your mobile and you don’t see the need? So here are some good reasons to stop / start your mobile.
Attention: take the PIN code of your SIM card which you may be asked for when you switch on your mobile.

Turning off and restarting your mobile phone are beneficial impacts on

  1. Your network connection and your services

Your smartphone is turned on 24/24 and therefore permanently requests the mobile network as you wish, in order to offer you optimal network coverage and uninterrupted services.

  Turning off your mobile phone has the effect of reconnecting your iPhone / Android to the nearest and most suitable network antenna, so that you can use all of your services.

Each time you switch on your phone, it identifies itself and interrogates your operator’s infrastructure in order to provide you with all the services to which you are entitled (calls, SMS, internet, TV, Roaming, etc.) .

When for example:

  • you receive text messages, but you can no longer send them
  • your mobile no longer receives the network
  • Internet is very slow or even non-existent
  • you have just changed your plan or operator

Just hit airplane mode to reconnect to the network. If that is not enough, restart the phone.

Are you going abroad? We also advise you to make a stop / start of your mobile, when you have arrived at your destination, so your mobile will automatically identify itself on the most efficient local network so that you can fully benefit from all the services.

2. Your phone itself

You find that your iPhone is slower than usual, it does not react as quickly, navigation in the menus is less fluid, and it has been months since you have not turned it off. In addition, it is often “hot”?
Do a full restart!

This will have the effect of stopping all running applications and deleting all temporary files that have been stored during your internet visits, among others.

In addition, you will automatically gain a few megabytes on your storage space.

Here are some ideas that will surely make you restart your phone more often!

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