binaural recordings

A new patent has just been made public and reveals that Apple is currently working on an iPhone allowing to make binaural recordings.

This is not new, since at the end of last year La Pomme had obtained a patent for an AR headset capable of accurately determining the exact location of sounds in a room.

When we talk about binaural, we are talking about a recording method seeking to reproduce natural human sound perception by restitution. Apple, which has published a patent in this sense, would seek to adapt it for its iPhone, allowing a very immersive experience with perception of the origin of sounds.

To do this, the patent discloses the use of two cameras and four microphones to capture sound, then the use of software processing to emulate a true binaural recording.

Binaural audio recording facilitates a complete 3D sound capture medium – in other words, being able to reproduce the exact soundstage and give the user a feeling of “being there”.

Suffice to say that we are talking about a technology that should complement virtual reality, allowing an ever more complete feeling of immersion.
As always, when we talk about a patent, it is not sure that the technology is really born, but the experience would be pretty crazy if Apple succeeds.

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