wwdc Apple 2020

Because of the coronavirus, many conferences and different shows have already been canceled since the start of 2020. This is perhaps the case for a presentation that Apple should have given at the end of March. But while several weeks ago the question of maintaining the WWDC still arose, the Californian firm had announced that it was working on an online event only.

This virtual WWDC is therefore confirmed with the official announcement made a few hours ago by Apple on its website and the dissemination of details about the progress of operations.

Beginning of June 22 with opening conference?

WWDC 2020 will be held at the end of June, from the 22nd precisely, and for a week. Nothing in the press release indicates whether a presentation will take place on Monday, the first day of the event. But Apple has accustomed us to a grand opening of each WWDC with different announcements made on stage. This year we could possibly also be entitled to it. The launch conference of WWDC is very often the scene of revelations on the next OS of the Californian firm. We should therefore be entitled this year to a preview of the next iOS 14 and macOS 10.16.

New hardware could also be seen at the same time, including new AirPods and / or an Apple headset, according to the latest rumors, or the AirTag object tracker and new iMacs.

Virtual workshops for everyone

For previous WWDCs, the entry fee was $ 1,599. This ticket enabled developers to attend numerous workshops dealing with various topics revolving around application development.

This year, going virtual, WWDC is accessible for free by all developers of apps for Apple products, via the Apple Developer app.

The classic Swift Student Challenge is launched in conjunction with the WWDC date announcement. The latter allows students to compete in a Swift development test. Winners win an exclusive WWDC20 jacket and pins. In previous editions, entry tickets for WWDC were distributed to the winners.

In the end, developers, journalists, tech fans, Apple product users who are thirsty for new things, the meeting is scheduled for June 22 to, on the one hand, see what Tim Cook and his collaborators have planned for an event in exclusive line, and on the other hand discover the new software and hardware from the Californian.

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