A Perfect Day for Bananafish. by J. D. Salinger. THERE WERE ninety-seven This is the hottest day they’ve had in Florida in–“. “Why haven’t you called me?. “A Perfect Day for Bananafish” is a short story by J. D. Salinger, originally published in the January 31, issue of The New Yorker. It was anthologized in. Use our free chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis of A Perfect Day for Bananafish. It helps middle and high school students understand J.D. Salinger’s .

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Mar 16, yengyeng rated it really liked it Shelves: As such, with its abrupt ending as many of the stories within Nine Storiesit leaves as many questions as it does answers.

With her little lacquer brush, while the phone was ringing, she went over the nail of her little finger, accentuating the line of the moon. In the first place, he said it was a perfect crime the Army released him from the hospital–my word of honor. A Perfect Day for Bananafish 1 16 Apr 13, Papers on Language and Literature. When I can spend more time thinking about the text than actually reading bananafiwh, I know I’ve found something special.

It even explores the idea that children are somehow more spiritually advanced than adults, more capable of seeing with the soul rather than the eyes. Refresh and try again.

He took off the robe. She may be in any one of a thousand places.

I mean we were in the bar and all. Except I’ve totally forgotten her name, which should tell you h I didn’t get it.


A Perfect Day for Bananafish

bananafisj I sort of feel sorry for Seymour. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Maxwell argued that there was no clear explanation that justified Seymour killing himself. We also learn, obliquely, that he was recently released from a psychiatric hospital—too soon, according to one doctor. He’s supposed to be very good. When I think how–“.

Story Playlist A Perfect Day for Bananafish — New Haven Review

This short story is written in absolutely crystal-clear prose taking the idea of show, don’t tell, to an extreme I’ve never encountered before.

Sybil looked at him. Seymour likes to spend his time alone, whether it be alone at daj piano in a club or lounging at the beach. He spoke to me first. The protagonist, then, is highly misunderstood by the adults around him, so he instead seeks refuge in the world of children, where his “madness” amounts to little more than joking banter.

He picked up the slimy wet, cumbersome float and put it under his arm. I don’t remember what he read. Was he really a pedophile? Critics interpret evidence from the story to determine what the actual cause of Seymour’s suicide was due to conflicting reasoning presented in other stories that include the Glass family. Jun 11, Cole Blouin rated it it was amazing. In the beginning, with the conversation between Muriel and her mother, the reader can sense that Seymour might be mentally or emotionally unstable.

The New York Review of Books. Seymour Glass, a troubled young man just back from service in World War II, has difficulty adjusting to being home, no doubt as a result of his experiences in the war. We’ll snub it,” said the young man. Ffor honestly don’t have a problem with Seymour being a pedophile. It was really darling. I mean all he does is lie there. He never asked Sybil to look at perfectt bananafish’ as some ignorant reviewer posted.


I know my business,” the young man said. Muriel offers another explanation: Salinger is around town, perhaps eay like to come in and talk daj us about New Yorker stories. We’ll see if we can catch a perfec.

She moved the button on her Saks blouse. I want to be clear — just because I loved this one doesn’t mean I understood it. Sivetski said Seymour s completely lose contr–“. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this short story.

It made me think, and that’s what I love about literature. Nov 21, Mohsin Maqbool rated it it was amazing. The effort was met with immediate acclaim, and according to Salinger biographer Paul Alexander, it was “the story that would permanently change his standing in the literary community. He won’t take his bathrobe off. Slawenski argues that Salinger’s choice of the name Sybil for the little girl establishes an “unmistakable” correlation between Eliot’s depiction of the Cumaean Sybil of Greek myth and Seymour’s story of the bananafish.

Where are you burned? Wait’ll we get out a little bit. Once they both get into the water and Sybil is vulnerably on a raft controlled by Seymour, I felt a definite tension build in the story. I never go anyplace without ’em. Glass,” the operator said.