The Consecration of Mahavira, [], from Gujerati manuscript of the Kalpa Sutra (Public Domain in the US per Bridgeman vs. Corel). Knowing pain and pleasure in all their variety (patteyam), and seeing his life not yet decline, a wise man should know that to be the proper moment (for entering. The Acharanga Sutra (IAST: Ācārāṅga Sūtra; First book c. 5th-4th century BCE; Second book c. 2nd-1st century BCE)[1] is the first of the twelve Angas, part of.

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Whatever is sinful, the Venerable One left that undone: Andrea and James H. Description This agama describes nonviolence, Jain metaphysics, and the refutation of other religious theories such as Kriyavada, Akriyavada, Ajnanavada, and Vinayavada.

Jainism Revolvy Sutr revolvybrain. On the eighth day the prince died because a door fitting fell on his head; it had a picture of cat drawn on it.

This ancient manuscript is the holy book of the Svetambara sect. Pravachanasara topic Pravachanasara, is a text composed by Jain monk, Kundakunda, in about the mid-second century BC. In Ladha natives attacked him; the dogs bit him, ran at him. It is believed to eliminate obstacles, hardships, and miseries, if chanted with acxranga faith. Briefly, the answers may be categorised under the following categories: Astronomy — It contains discussion on Mount Meru, the jyotishcakra, the Jambudvipa itself, the acarang used in the Jaina canon, the Jaina Loka, the different types of Eart Jaina Tradition in Indian Thought.


Aalum vaelum pallukkuruthi; naalum irandum sollukkuruthi Literal translation: It also describes the penance of Mahavirathe Great Hero. Member feedback about Pancastikayasara: It is a Jain religious epic authored by Tirutakkatevar.

Teachings and quotes of the The Acaranga Sutra

Part of a series on. Member feedback about Pravachanasara: The Digambaras do not recognize the existing text, and regard the original text as having been lost in its original form. He traveled in the pathless country of the Ladhas. Kasaya passions form the subject matter of Kasayapahuda.

If you say, “No, It is not” you will be expressing the truth. Niyamasara effectively removes stura related to Parayayarthika naya and Dravyarthika nayas and elaborates on Vyavahara caritra. Agama is a Sanskrit word which signifies the ‘coming’ acarangq a body of doctrine by means of transmission through a lineage of authoritative teachers.

Nor shall I myself kill living beings, nor cause others to do it, nor consent to it.

Acaranga Sutra

Every poem deals with morals and ethics, extolling righteous behaviour. Subject matter It contains stories describing the piety of the advanced laymen and their fortitude in face of demonic attacks.

Member feedback about Purvas: I renounce all killing of living beings, whether subtle or gross, whether movable or immovable. I renounce all vices of lying speech arising from anger or greed or fear or mirth. This Sutra contains detailed life histories and, from the acarahga century, was frequently illustrated with miniature painting.


Oxford; Clarendon Press,vol.

Member feedback about Antakrddaasah: The second part is Uttarapurana which is the section composed by Gunabhadra.

Jain, Laxmi Chandra It is also mentioned as a town from 12th to 17th century.

The acaranya also outlines vario Tamil Wikisource has original text related to this article: While Bahubali wins, he renounces the worldly pursuits in favor of his brother. The originals are all lost, and the extant versions were written in the 1st millennium CE. The sutra is believed to acarang been composed by Gandhara Sudharmaswami. What I want to add to the truth expressed by you is that, as sorrow or pain is not desirable to you, so it is to all which breath, exist, live or have any essence of life.

Acharanga Sutra | Revolvy

Mahapurana consists of acaranta parts. If you say, “No, It is not” you will be expressing the truth. Jain Agamas topic Agamas are texts of Jainism based on the discourses of the tirthankara. It propounds six fundamental truths on soul which are also known as satapada six steps. Member feedback about Dravyasamgraha: The sage, perceiving the double karma, proclaims the incomparable activity, he, the knowing one; knowing the current of worldliness, the current of sinfulness, and the impulse.