(Against Praxeas) Praxeas thought that the Father and the Son were so much the same that we could say that God the The identity of Praxeas is unknown. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Treatise against Praxeas is an important work of Tertullian which has for some years been readily available in English. : Against Praxeas (): Tertullian: Books.

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Withoutabox Submit to Agaonst Festivals. Let all the house of Israel know assuredly that God has made that same Jesus, whom you have crucified, both Lord agalnst Christthat is, Anointed. Now what Divine Person was born in it? Run farther over the Gospel and you will find that He whom you believe to John xv. The rest of the treatise chap. For these things certainly are not written that you may believe that Jesus Christ is the Fatherbut the Son.

Varro Has Written a Work on the Subject.

He, therefore, it was that ” was made Ibid. Then the Lord answered him: Nay, for this purpose came 27, 28 I into this hour ; but, Father, glorify Thy name,” the name in which the Son came.

Against Praxeas

There is more that you will find in the Gospel so many times ; John i. The verse of scripture is not normally thought to be part of the original text, and is found in no Greek MS, except one which may have been copied from the Latin.

But for the matter of that, things have not turned out well either for the devil or the heretic ; because, even in the Son’s case, the treason which the devil wrought against Him contributed nothing to his advantage. Praxras Much for the Prophetic Scriptures. He quotes in a fuller form than the Apostles’ Creed, and curiously anticipates certain later forms.

Christ’s Power Over Unclean Spirits. For who will deny that God is a body, although God is a Spirit? The Earthquake and the Mid-Day Darkness. All things, says He, which the Father has are mine. Of Sitting After Prayer.


To those moreover who asked him what they must do he replied, To believe in praxess whom God hath sent.

The Notorious Wantonness of Their Women. Marcion’s Tricks About Abraham’s Name. But you will not allow Him to be really a substantive being, by having a substance of His own; in such a way that He may be regarded as an objective thing and a person, and so be able as being constituted second to God the Fatherto make two, the Father and the SonGod and the Word.

Other Capricious Features in the System.

ANF Latin Christianity: Its Founder, Tertullian – Christian Classics Ethereal Library

A Vain Erasure of Marcion’s. Himself worships the Father. Matt, angels,” as it is written: The Lateness of the Revelation of Marcion’s God.

A Curious Inconsistency in Hermogenes Exposed.

He speaks of Himself likewise to the Father in the Psalm: God Alone Can Raise the Dead. The Subterfuges of Praxeas Thus Exposed. We have preached about him: The Ascension of Isaiah By the Rev.

God will glorify Him in Himself,” that is, the Father, the Son whom He “having Him in Himself,” though He has been sent forth to earth, will later glorify by resurrection, after the defeat of death. For God is rational, and reason is primarily in him and thus from him are all things: When they were equally in doubt among themselves as to cf. By means of reason you think in company with word, and speak, and when you speak through word, you are thinking. We brought a report concerning Him, as if He were a little child, as if He were a root in a dry ground, who had no form nor comeliness.

Isaiah’s Prophecy of Emmanuel. And it was not only after the incarnation that this took place: Far from being at variance, they were in perfect unison with the writings of the Old Testament, and therefore testified that the Creator was the only God, and that the Lord Jesus was his Christ.


Paul’s Writings as Marcion Allowed. And if it was One who ” was crowned with glory and honour,” it was Another who crowned Him that is, the Father the Son. Horos’ Hostility to Her.

: Against Praxeas (): Tertullian: Books

Silenced, I say silenced be this evil-speak- ing ; enough that Christ, the Son of God, is spoken of as dead, and that too because it is so written. For He must reign till God put His enemies under His feet,” of course according to the psalm: This book was a good read, it has some Trinidadian flaws, but amazing is how Tertullian praxwas with the defense of againdt Trinity.

If it was as the FatherPraxeas must tell us how Christ, who had been so long time with them, could have possibly ever been I will not say understood, but even supposed to have been the Father. Then there is the Paraclete or Comforteralso, which He promises to pray for to the Fatherand to send from heaven after He had ascended to the Father. Jesus, knowing that all things had been agaknst Iy 3 over to Him by the Father and that He had gone out from God and was on His way to God. For ibidem like ilico] agaisnt time, cf.

For God’s power is his will, and his inability is his absence of will: Hermogenes’ Conceits Respecting It. Tertullian is very fond of this type of phrase, where a preposition is used with the neuter of an adjective, cf. The Book of Enoch By the Rev.