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Why is AirTag Beeping when i picked it up

If you are searching for answers to Why does my AirTag beep when i pick it up? then in this article we have explained each and every aspect of this topic to help you under why AirTag beeps when you pick it up.

Since its release in 2021, Apple AirTag has gained popularity and proven to be quite useful. However, users often have numerous questions when it comes to using the AirTag.

One common query revolves around the beeping sound that occurs when the AirTag is lifted. This particular feature can be puzzling when the AirTag starts emitting beeps unexpectedly, without any apparent reason.

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In this article, we will delve into the cause behind the AirTag’s beeping behavior and determine whether it is a problem or intentionally designed that way.

Let’s explore and clarify this aspect further.

Why does my AirTag beep when i pick it up?

This usually happens when Apple AirTag remains far from the linked phone for a long time.

In terms of the situation, AirTag beeping means it has connected to the linked device, possibly an iPhone.

After a recent update, if your phone is connected to the AirTag and stays away for more than 8 hours, the AirTag will start beeping but not repeatedly.

Even if you don’t have your phone, the AirTag will still beep. If someone else picks up your AirTag, it will also beep, indicating that the connected phone is not in contact for a long time.

Why is My AirTag Beeping

There are other reasons for the AirTag to beep when picked up.

They are as follows:

  1. AirTag software needs an update.
  2. Technical issues with the AirTag.
  3. Not connected to the linked phone or Apple ID.

1. The AirTag software needs to be updated

It’s quite unfortunate that some users are unaware that they can update the AirTag software.

Yes, you can update the AirTag software or firmware through the Find My app.

However, if your Apple AirTag needs an update, it will automatically do so in the background as long as you keep your iPhone near the AirTag.

Now, you need to know the latest AirTag firmware version, which is always updated on Apple’s official website.

To check the latest AirTag firmware version, visit the website and later open the Find My app on your iPhone.

Navigate to the item section and tap on your AirTag. Tap on the location under your AirTag’s name, as shown in the image below.

When you see the image above, it tells you that I am with the AirTag. However, if your AirTag battery is low, it may show a location or AirTag battery indicator.

So, when you tap on the same location, it will display the AirTag firmware along with the serial number, as shown below.

If you have checked and found that your AirTag firmware is outdated, simply update the firmware.

Make sure your iPhone, connected to the AirTag, has an active internet connection, then keep the AirTag close to your iPhone.

Wait for sometime once the firmware is updated your AirTag will stop beeping automatically.

If the update doesn’t happen, try turning off your phone and then turning it back on. Repeat the process, and your AirTag firmware should update.

So, the reason behind the beeping sound when I lift my AirTag might be due to its outdated firmware.

2. A technical issue with the AirTag

When you lift your AirTag, another common reason for the beeping issue could be a technical problem with the AirTag itself.

To address this, you can try resetting the AirTag, which often helps resolve the problem.

First, I recommend removing your phone from the AirTag before resetting it.

To reset the AirTag, follow these steps:

  1. Press the battery cover of your AirTag.
  2. Turn the AirTag counterclockwise until the cover stops turning.
  3. Remove both the AirTag cover and the battery.
  4. Replace the battery or reinsert the battery into the AirTag.
  5. Press the battery until you hear a beep sound, indicating that the AirTag battery is connected.
  6. After the sound stops, repeat the process about four times. Each time you press the battery, you should hear a beep sound, a total of five beeps. The fifth beep will be different from the previous four, indicating that the AirTag is ready to pair again.
  7. After the reset, you can re-pair the AirTag with your phone

3. Not in connection with the linked phone or apple ID

  1. This is the most common reason for the AirTag to beep when lifted, as it is not in contact with the linked phone for more than 8 hours.

However, if this continues even after some time, there might be an issue with your AirTag.

I recommend that you disable or remove the AirTag from your phone, turn off your phone, and then re-pair the AirTag with your phone.

4. Play Sound Feature is On

If you recently used Find My to locate your AirTag, the sound might still be playing through it, causing it to beep.

To stop this sound, simply remove Find My from the device you originally used to play the lost sound.

Doing this, the AirTag should stop beeping.

5. Safety Alerts Are On

If your AirTag is beeping when you pick it up, it could be because you have the Item Safety Alerts feature enabled. You can easily disable this feature using your iPhone or iPad. Follow these steps:

  1. Inside Find My app on your iPhone / iPad.
  2. Tap on the “Me” tab.
  3. Under Item Safety Alerts, toggle it off.

By following these steps, you’ll turn off Item Safety Alerts for your AirTag and any other devices connected to Find My.

6. Firmware is outdated

If your AirTag has been disconnected from your iPhone or iPad for more than 8 hours, it might beep when you pick it up.

To fix this, simply reconnect your AirTag to your iPhone or iPad. Hold the AirTag next to your device and tap on “Pair” when the pairing animation appears.

Unfortunately, there’s no manual way to update the firmware on AirTag, as it is done automatically when the AirTag is within Bluetooth range of your iPhone or iPad. So, you’ll have to wait until it naturally updates its firmware.

Keep your AirTag close to your iPhone or iPad whenever possible to help with the update process. The firmware will update automatically whenever your AirTag is within Bluetooth range of your device.

7. Bug/Glitch

Your AirTag might be beeping because there could be a bug or glitch in Apple’s system, causing it to beep every time you pick it up.

To resolve this beeping sound and glitch issue, you can try turning off the Airplane Mode and then turning it back on to see if it fixes the problem with your AirTag. This can be done in just a few simple steps:

  1. First, hold the iPad or iPhone that is connected to your beeping AirTag.
  2. Then, open Settings on your iPad or iPhone.
  3. Now, scroll down and you will see Airplane Mode right under your Apple ID information. Toggle Airplane Mode to turn it off.
  4. Wait a few seconds and then toggle it back on to enable Airplane Mode again.

By doing this, you might be able to resolve any issues related to beeping and glitches with your AirTag.

How to Mute AirTag

Unfortunately, there is no official way to mute an AirTag. However, there are some methods that might help you mitigate the issue:

Manually Remove the Speaker

One way to stop the AirTag from beeping is by physically removing the speaker so that it can no longer produce the beeping sound. To do this, you’ll need to purchase AirTag speaker removal tools. Once you have the tools, follow these steps:

Hold your AirTag and press down on the stainless steel cover.

While pressing, twist the cover counterclockwise until it stops moving.

Now, you can lift the cover off.

After removing the cover, take out the battery that is located inside the silver circle.

Use your tool to grab and remove the AirTag speaker.

By doing this, the speaker will be removed from your AirTag, and it won’t be able to emit any sound, including the beeping noise that has been causing you trouble.

Remove the Battery

Another method to reset your AirTag and stop it from beeping is by removing the battery. This can be done in a few simple steps:

Hold the beeping AirTag and press down on the stainless steel cover.

While pressing, twist the cover counterclockwise until it stops moving.

Now, you can lift the cover off.

Take out the battery from inside the silver circle.

By removing the battery, you have essentially powered off your AirTag, and it won’t be able to emit any sounds when you pick it up.

Please note that these methods involve tampering with the AirTag, which may void the warranty or violate Apple’s terms of service. It is recommended to contact Apple Support or visit an Apple Store if you are facing persistent issues with your AirTag to explore official support options.

Does a low battery cause the AirTag to beep when lifted?

The answer is no. When the battery is low, the Apple AirTag does not beep; instead, it sends a notification to your screen about the low battery.

Until now, using the Apple AirTag for over a year, I only receive a notification on my screen that my AirTag’s battery is low and needs replacement.

You should not expect the beeping problem when lifting your AirTag to be caused by a low battery; that has not been my experience so far. And that’s where I arrive at the conclusion in today’s question of why my AirTag beeps when I lift it.

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