La ajorca de oro. 0 references. author · Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer. 0 references. country of origin · Spain. 0 references. narrative location · Toledo. 0 references. Format: audio. Language: spa. Time. Date: Early 21st century; Period: Early 21st century. Temporal: st; 21st; 21st century. Provenance. Identifier. “THE GOLDEN BRACELET” / “LA AJORCA DE ORO”, GUSTAVO ADOLFO BÉCQUER (A Legend of Toledo) I She was beautiful, beautiful with the kind of.

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Leyendas: La ajorca de oro

Imagine a world of stone as large as the spirit of our religion; which is as somber as its laws, as enigmatic as its parables, and you will still not have the slightest idea of the magnificence, the power, and the faith of our elders who for centuries have filled it with the treasure of their belief, their inspiration, and their art. Are you sure you want to continue?

Below their vantage — point, the Tajo was flowing around the rocks which form the seat of this imperial city. Perhaps it was the product of an imagination that, in its excitement, hears things which are not there.

Leyendas: La ajorca de oro – Read book online

But that was impossible! Saints, monks, priests, angels, devils, warriors, ladies, and acolytes were now gathered around him, occupying the naves and the altars. La hermosa, rompiendo al fin su obstinado silencio, dijo a su amante con voz sorda y entrecortada: But if the cathedral always seems grand and imposing when we enter its mysterious, holy sanctuary, it is never quite as impressive as on the days when it is decorated for a religious festival, when its tabernacles are covered with gold and jewelry, its steps with carpets, and its pillars with tapestries.

Yani rated it really liked it Nov 12, I was praying and my mind was thinking religious thoughts, when I automatically raised my head and looked at the altar.


He shouted for a second time, a piercing shout of abject terror, and he collapsed on the altar. When he looked down, his hair raised on end again; he saw in dismay that the floor of the chapel was formed with stone slabs that were covering several tombs.

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On the same day when the conversation which we have just described took place, in the Cathedral of Toledo they were celebrating the last magnificent Octave of the Virgin. Demian, Herman Lro Book.

La Ajorca de oro

One day he found her in tears and asked her why she was crying. El infeliz estaba loco. He is best known for his intimate, lyrical poems and for his legends; more importantly, ajorda is remembered for the verbal decor with which he impregnated everything he wrote.

Perhaps you could have other jewels that seemed nicer and more precious, if that were ever possible; but this one, this one that glows in a way that seems so fascinating?

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. However, the silent and motionless smile, which calmed him for a moment, began to fill him with an indescribable feeling of terror, a terror that was deeper than anything he had felt before. Something went wrong and the book couldn’t be added to the bookshelf. Kindle Edition9 pages. In its bosom you will find the stillness, the majesty and the poetry of mysticism, as well as a sacred rejection of all mundane thoughts and the petty passions of everyday life.

Courtesy of Armand F. Do you need any help, or more information? Finally, at dawn my eyes closed and, would you believe? Around him everything was unreal and frightening; objects were indistinct and difficult to see in the darkness. He was superstitious, superstitious and bold, like all men of his time.

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What could have happened between the two lovers so that he was now bold enough to attempt something which, earlier, just to think about it had made his hair stand on end. This important religious festival had attracted large numbers of the faithful; the crowds of people had dispersed in different directions, the lights of the chapel and the altar were extinguished, and the enormous doors had creaked on their hinges as they closed, when a very pale man, as ajora as the statue of the tomb where he kneeled for a moment, made his way quietly and cautiously through the shadows towards the iron gate of the transept.

The cathedral was filled with statues, statues dressed in long robes that had descended from their niches and their pedestals so they filled the entire cathedral and were staring at him with their empty eyes.

With that thought fixed in my mind, the night ori endless Liten Solros rated it liked it Oct 02, There is a session opened in another device. Ayer estuve en el templo.

Pao rated it really liked it Sep 14, We tried to charge your subscription, but the payment failed. Callas, callas y doblas la frente The cathedral was now empty, completely empty and sunken in profound silence.

But ve then, sometimes nearby sometimes far away, sometimes behind his back and then at his side, there were sounds like repressed sobs, like the sound of cloth rubbing, like the noise of steps that ceaselessly come and go.

There, the light of a lamp made it possible to distinguish his features. Material appetites are satisfied by inhaling fresh air from the mountains; atheism must be cured by breathing its atmosphere of faith. Our catalogue includes more than 1 million or in several languages.