Al-Ibaanah is launching it’s Online Arabic Language Studies Program. We are currently accepting registration for the Women’s and Men’s Online Arabic Program. The latest Tweets from Ibaanah Arabic (@IbaanahArabic). Sheikh Abu Abdil Alaa recommends studying at Al-Ibaanah Arabic Centre and clarifies matters. Joined December . Sisters, if you studied at Al-Ibaanah and traveled, Level Two women’s online classes start July 16 Contact.

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And do not follow other paths, they will seperate you from IIis Path. Examine carefully the speech of ibaanaj you hear from in your time particularly. PeoPle who stoy up ot night prwyingobtain notbing from their being owoke, mcept sleeplassness ond tired.

IIe knows best the ones who are a. So the reason for trials and misfortunes may sometimes stem from deficiencies in oudook, deviations n manbaj orbeing disanced from that which is correct. Knowing the evil – in order to keep au,ay from it.

As for those matters which Allaah and His Messenger have forbidden, then they must completely be avoided, without any weakening in the resolve. So ibbaanah for a person commiting rhis bid. And finally the Lord took an oadr that: To be humble and submissive before Allaah – and this is the greatest matter. So will there be any evil after this goodf He replied: What he memsby tuzla. Rclated by al-Bayhaqee n ohltiqood’ p’L58 ‘ And sufficient is it for one possessing knowledge and possessing a hean with life, that they view the sayrngs of such people with harshness, contempt and hatred; knowing that such people have dissociated themselves from the love ofAllaah – the Most High – and from knowing and 38 AlJboondt lssue No.

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So ifhe has no weapon, with what will he fightf “l Ibn al-Mubaarak d. There is no way to keep this worship pure and unblemished, except by knowing tue Tswheed.

This is confirmed by Allaah in an authentic hadeeth Qudsee: They must not seek anything that on-Nofs ul-Amoaratn bis-Soot the soul that calls thtm to evil orders them to do.

Arabic Program

This makes them praiseworthy, but they must not stand up to be praised for this datnnh. Shaykh Hassan al Bannah recommends Al Ibaanah. The text ofthi sbief taqceiloh was first printed by Biaanah in ol-Majoohid nos. These rights are the rights ofHis Taooheed.

And I was among those who conquered the reasures of Kisra. After completing this phase of study, a student should have a strong verbal and written command of the Arabic Language, as well as be able to research and study from the works of the Ulema from past and present.

It can feel fear, terror and also it can submit and surrender.

Rclarcd by at-Tirmidhee no. This is why the Prophet sollollaohu tolayhi wo sallont seridl. However, at the same time they are the weakest ofnations in every country thay are in, being persecuted – why Because they have become like foam, like the foam on the waves.

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Sufyaan was more knowledgable than Abu lfaneefah. Indeed they have spoken the truth, done well and have advised sincer ely – rahiruohamalbob – because drey were like the unclothed preachers who are not disbeleved – and how couid they be anything else after they had heard the saying ofAllaah’s Messenger, sollnllaohu’alaihi wa sallnm: So they call to it, but all their riches now belong to their enemies.

Our instructors undergo rigorous testing and training in order to be accepted as a part of Al-Ibaanah. Al Ibaanah Magazine Issue 1 by salafiyyahlondon Alhambra Educational Initiative This publication is for non-profit educational use only Alhambra Educational Initiative This publication is for non-profit educational use only Less.


As for the clear evils and that which is clearly good, then the good is enjoined and the evil prohibited. But whosoever disbelieves after this, then they are the rebellious ones. ap

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kbaanah This hadeeth is clear in its wording, however, the statement ofthe Prophet at the end of the hadeeth: If one portfeeb pain, thm oll of it is offected. Itbeganas something small, bearingresemblance to the truth, which is whythose who entered into it were mislead and then were unable to leave it.

The Slave of Wealth Someone may ask: Usoolus-Sunnah Understanding the State of Affairs: Hewho reportsftom ne, then lethim ibaznah soy excEt thatwhichistrae. He – the Most High – swys: Also, the lands of the Muslims Possess many riches and minerals, but where does it all end up With the disbelievers in Europe or America, or it goes to the ]ews in Palestine.

Events to Befall this Ummalt The Prophet ra llolla,ahu talnyhi wo sollnzz informed us of events rvhich will befall this lJmmah, some of these narrations speak of good for this Ummah – indicating also that the future, power and honour is for the Muslims; and that ttrey will be established in the land. In addition, Al-Ibaanah has one of the strongest and well-trained academic teams in Cairo. Sablimc -are the same as if he had disobeyed Him, that is to say: