Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to mankind. Let the Spirit of Peace be spread abroad. May men of goodwill everywhere meet in a spirit of cooperation. pages (A4 reprint of page original) -The subject of human free will has always contrived to set men’s mental teeth on edge. The fatalist. The Externalisation of the Hierarchy has 31 ratings and 3 reviews. Alex said: Bailey talks about the interrelation of different aspects of life (and huma.

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The Externalisation of the Hierarchy

Several of the seven affiliated Ashrams are, as yet, incomplete as regards personnel, but vacancies are rapidly being filled as the spiritual effects of the world war make themselves felt. It found its course impeded and discovered it was faced with barriers. She believed that the influences of religions, philosophies, sciences, educational movements, and human culture in general are the result of this relationship. Again, this item of information serves only to indicate hierarchical objectives, and those objectives extend away from time and space into the Mind of God Himself.

Soon, however, her claims to be recipient of ageless wisdom from the Masters met with opposition. Bailey described a concept of racial differentiation that posited a division of humanity into races that are on different levels in a “ladder of evolution”.

Their belief is that they receive divine energy through meditation and that this alicce is transmitted to humanity, so raising spiritual awareness.

The Externalization of the Hierarchy – Alice Bailey

But he wrote for initiates to whom love was a growing, vital concern, and tne whom love and its practice meant light and the basic motif of all living, divine activity. You have, therefore, a situation which might be depicted somewhat as follows: I finally brought to the attention alicw the public the idea that the externalisation of the Hierarchy was a major hierarchical project, for which due preparation would have to be made.

The final section of the book discusses the “Stages in the Externalisation of the Hierarchy”. David Melik rated it did not like it Sep 15, That just felt completely off for me. Starting [] with St. Sutcliffe points out that both Bailey and Blavatsky’s work evoke a picture of Tibet as the spiritual home of the Masters and that Bailey claimed a more-or-less direct lineage to Blavatsky. The atomic bomb emerged from a first ray Ashram, working in conjunction with a fifth ray group; from the long range point of view, its intent was and is purely beneficent.

You thee see therefore that Chohans, Externalixation, initiates, world disciples, disciples and aspirants affiliated with the Hierarchy are all at this time passing through a cycle of great activity.

This was the deeply esoteric and unrecognised cause of the war—the beneficent bringing to an end of the impediments to the free flow of spiritual energy down into the third centre; this was the factor which called “evil from its hidden place” and brought the opposing forces to the surface of existence, prior to their “sealing”. Times of Havana Publishing Company. Her books are in fact “rooted in the pseudo-theosophy pioneered by C.


They are endeavouring also to establish a closer telepathic rapport and a more intimate though strictly impersonal relationship with Their disciples on all rays, so that there can be a free interplay of thought and a consequent better hierarchical integrity and one which—no matter what may happen in the three worlds—cannot be disrupted or in any way lessened.

This was symbolised for us at the Crucifixion when the Saviour hung pendant between heaven and earth. All were left free, however, to determine their own limits, if any, and to decide their own actions. To Them, as They “hold the Will of God aloce solution, hierarfhy is one clear note; as They see that Will in motion, it is three abiding chords, carrying outwards into all the worlds the Purpose of the ONE Who for aeons will abide; as They impel that Will to demonstrate, it is seven vibratory tones, drawing out into the reflected worlds the structure of the Plan.

Such great progress has, however, taken place in the spiritual development of humanity that the Buddha need no longer continue with His task unless He so desires—and then only for a period of years, known to Him and the Lord of the World.

Alice Bailey’s writings have a theme that generally advocates replacement of the old with the new and this occurs in connection with the Great Invocation as follows: Extenalization that type of imaginative conception will become more common during the next two centuries, and my words here will therefore serve an ultimate purpose.

Paul Ranson rated it it was amazing Feb 17, The “cycle of Shamballa impact” is externalkzation over; the appeal of humanity to the Christ and His Hierarchy has again refocussed the energy of Shamballa via the Hierarchy, and the direct work of the Hierarchy with Humanity can again take on fresh meaning, can be re-established on new and somewhat different lines, and thus definitely bring in that “new heaven and new earth” for which men have so long waited.

They constitute a group of ten to Whom this task has tbe committed, for the reason that They are the only Members of the Hierarchy Who possess the needed qualifications and in Whom the Will aspect is adequately developed.

The Arcane School, and this refers primarily to the books for which I am responsible; the Triangles, which constitutes a deeply esoteric mode of working, yet one of extreme simplicity; and the Goodwill movement, which has in it a factor of major importance in that this movement embracing already as it does many, many thousands seeks to promote right human relations with its acute and immediate appeal to the masses; it is this that the masses want essentially, and is oft what lies behind the things which they do and the plans which they make, so often ignorantly and disastrously.

John’s College, Cambridge University, England, During the s and s, the neopagan author and ceremonial magic ritualist Caroll Poke Runyon published a magazine called The Seventh Ray, its name taken from the writings of Alice Bailey.


The Externalisation of the Hierarchy by Alice A. Bailey

The term “Aryan” as hierarchhy by her has a different meaning than a separative or racist use of the word. The Great Invocation is a mantra given in by Bailey. The world war now being ostensibly over and the work of restoration, leading to resurrection, being slowly implemented, the work of the Hierarchy is to foster that enthusiasm [] in the hearts of people everywhere which will enable them to work wholeheartedly for right human relations and the spread of that simple but tonic quality, goodwill.

As all this is taking place in the present difficult period of world rehabilitation, the immensity of the problem involved and the quality of the tension are abnormal.

Then followed a difficult period in which she worked in a sardine factory to support herself and the children.

In contrast to this, Daren Kemp in Handbook to the New Age sees critical differences between neopaganism and New Age movements and indicates that it is a mistake to conflate them. In Lubelsky’s view, racists ideas were common to the whole “Theosophical family”. University of Illinois Press.

Demetris Georgiades rated it it was amazing Jun 29, The adjustment being at this time undertaken, therefore, is between hierarchical groups and groups externalizatiom men and women baoley earth; it is intended, as you have been told, that Humanity itself will be the world-saviour, working with the aid of the Hierarchy—as yet invisibly behind the scenes.

In those books I isolated for the new generation of esoteric students the “truths” which were true, extracting them from the mass of imaginative thinking and consequent formulation of thoughtforms which esotericists since the time of H. Wessinger stated that they were “an extefnalization source of the contemporary New Age movement.

Trivia About The Externalisati The effects of the experiment upon the individuals involved have not proved encouraging; the effect upon the esotericists and aspirants of the world has been most successful and has greatly enhanced the sense of reality, so essential to the recognition of the hitherto unseen Hierarchy. The energy which will align and adjust the subsidiary aoice Ashrams is that of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.

This item has been added to the cart ok Go To Cart. This development is definitely a part of the divine plan, no matter how undesirable it may appear to those who idealize purity of relationship Religious and Spiritual Groups in Modern America. Bailey’s writings includes a detailed exposition of the “seven rays” tge are presented as the fundamental energies that are behind and exist throughout all manifestation.