Hazrat Muaviyah [r.a] Aur Tareekhi Haqaiq By Shaykh Mufti Taqi Usmani A FAMOUS BOOK WRITTEN IN DEFENCE OF HAZRAT MUAVIA [R.A] Hazrat Ameer Muaviyah [r.a] Aur Tareekhi Rivayaat By Shaykh Muhammad. Ameer Muawiya Aur Tareekhi Haqaiq Author Mufti Taqi Usmani. May Click to Download Click to Read on Scribd. Post a Comment. For More Islamic Books For More Islamic Books Visit For More I.

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You know that a theory means, “it might have happened “. But the issue is that we do not have reliable and undisputed information about such incidents. New articles and books are added this website on 1 st of each month.

Nobody believes that Sahaba were free from sin. treekhi

Hazrat Ameer Muaviyah [r.a] Aur Tareekhi Rivayaat By Shaykh Muhammad Saqib Risalpuri

Allah, in the name of, the Most Affectionate, the Eternally Merciful. Search the Website New. I even extend haqakq to all other people and do not accuse anyone for any charge against him and leave their matter to Allah.

Details of this procedure are zmeer here: We should tareehki the following facts about these issues: I’m not in a position to do so. It is completely wrong to consider Hazrat Mu’awiya as the person who transformed Hareekhi into Malukiyat. Mohadisin have devised a great procedure to evaluate authenticity of Hadith. You can download and see through the chapters related to the years ranging from 30 to 65H.

Regards Respected Sister Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahmatullah The views presented in the books belong to their authors and they are responsible for providing the answer raised on their work.

If the matter is disturbing you, conduct your own research in the light of above-mentioned procedure. Nobody engages in a revolt with a handful of companions including his family members and young children.

My objective of muaqiya you with the book was to demonstrate that two points of view exist on this issue and both groups have their own arguments based on the reports compiled by Imam Tabari. If haqaaiq matter with such doubtful information is presented to any court in the world, the judge will not be able to decide the matter and will acquit the suspect based on the benefit of doubt despite of the fact that the suspect and relevant witnesses are available in his court.


Please see at least the Unit 1 of this book. Taredkhi should we not do so in this case and leave the matter to Allah for such people who passed away a long time before us and we do not have reliable information available to put a charge against haaqiq. The length of ruling period is not a sign of patients. You can check by yourselves in the “History of Tabari ” that all reports portraying a sleazy picture of the companions are reported by only five persons and all of them are considered as “liars “.

Ameer Muawiya Aur Tareekhi Haqaiq | Free Urdu Pdf Books

Thank you very much for answering me. Although we are not sure about authenticity of such reports. Respected Sister Assalam o alaikum wa Rahmatullah Many thanks for your kind words and comments about my books.

The book is available at the following links: The approach of Tabari was to compile all the narrations whether authentic or not in a chronological order. All those who accepted their caliphate will also be charged automatically as they accepted corrupt rulers.

He only compiled the traditions and did not perform evaluation of such reports. So why should we accept narrations from such people who portray a bad picture of such personalities? The unchallenged information could only be the one which is available to us by ” Tawatur please see the link below ” which is not sufficient to give us a complete picture of the incident.

Even we cannot reach at a decisive conclusion about events happening in our life. Tabari is available on the following link. When the matter is only an issue of doubtful reports, why should we form our opinions based on them. We are free to form opinions within this life. If someone portrays a bad picture of any respected person for you e. And he did so and the result was in the form of ” Waqia Karbala”. A riwaiat is not authentic because the rawi is shia and the same time another riwaiat by a shia rawi is authentic because it favours his opinion Send at mubashirnazir gmail.


Similarly, facts related to assassination of Bin Laden are also disputed. Similarly, Banu A’bbas did the same to defame the Ummayyads. On the other side, if we keep a bad opinion about the companions and they were free from such accusations, Allah will definitely hold us accountable.

Although mistakes at individual capacity was possible but how could you believe that all companions committed a great crime collectively while the evidence against them is nothing except statements of a few people whose reliability is already under question? Assalam o alaikum wa Rahmatullah.

Because in this way you can say that Zia- ul-Haq ruled for 11 years because he was a very patient person. I respect the author of this book but it seems like he is just playing with the words. There is no doubt that the incident of Karbala is a grave incident of our history.

Questions are good for your intellectual health!!! There is a discipline in the historical studies that deals with criticism on historical events. Don’t hesitate to share your questions and comments.

If the answer is yes, we should go for it but if the answer is no, why to conduct a debate on an issue that has not been settled during last 14 centuries.

Hazrat Ameer Muawiyah Aur Tarikhi Haqaiq By: Mufti Taqi Usmani

Other than that, there is nothing except theories of different people. Therefore, there is no charge of revolt against him. The views presented in the books belong to their authors and they are responsible for providing the answer raised on their work.