html text version of the Ananga Ranga – Chapter 3. (Stage of Love). Ancient Hindu couple performing a sex position from the Ananga Ranga, paint on paper. Ananga-Ranga might mean husband and wife. Here are the Ananga Ranga positions. We hope that you find this assortment of sexual positions useful and. Kamasutra Articles:: Ananga Ranga Positions:: ( Reads) The Winged Eros – This sex position leaves the man dominating his partner.

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And in this process there are four divisions, which the man applies to the woman: Uttaroshtha, or “upper-lip kissing”. These rangaa are ignored by Orientals. He cares little for the venereal rite, except when the spasm approaches. The result was that the Englishwoman’s golden hair and beautiful features appear in some fifty or sixty highly compromising attitudes, and will continue to do so for many a generation to come.

The Mayurapada “peacock’s foot” or claw is made by placing the thumb upon the nipple, and the four amanga upon the breast adjacent, at the same time pressing wnanga nails till the mark resembles the trail of the peacock, which he leaves ananta walking upon mud.

His Kama-salila is copious, salt, and goat-like. His body is hard as iron, his chest is broad, full, and muscular; his body below the hips is long, and the same is the case with his mouth and teeth, his neck and ears; whilst his hands and fingers are remarkably so. Here end the sundry forms of kisses. Kamavatansakeshagrahana, or “holding the crest hair of love”, 18 is when, during the act of copulation, the husband holds with both hands his wife’s hair above her ears, whilst she does the same thing to him, and both exchange frequent kisses upon the mouth.

If you face legal action If a legal action is brought against you as a result of your submission, there are organisations that may help you. At such rang, a distaste for further embraces and blandishments becomes manifest; then the wise know that, the paroxysm having taken place, the woman has enjoyed plenary satisfaction; consequently, they refrain from further congress.


Pravalamani-dashana, or “coral biting”, is that wonderful union of the man’s tooth and the woman’s lips, which converts desire into a burning ahanga it cannot be described, and is to be accomplished only by long experience, not by the short practice of a few days.

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Fourth, the back and hip, with No. Again, there are three degrees of Vega, that is to say, force of carnal desire, resulting from mental or vital energy and acting upon men and women. Third, both the cheeks. See our Tor tab for more information. Anvartha-nakhadana is a name applied to the three deep marks or scratches made by the nails of the first three fingers on the back, the breasts and the parts about the Yoni.

Uttanyahasta, the same reversed; done with the back of the hand. Those only are mentioned which are well known to, and are highly appreciated by the world. Lalatika, so called because forehead lalata touches ganga. Khandabhrak is the duster or multitude of impressions made by the prints of the husband’s teeth upon the brow and cheek, the neck and breast of the wife.

Chapter 3 – Ananga Ranga –

The Vegas, or capacities of enjoyment, are: Mushti, or striking gently with the lower or positionw part of the closed hand; softly hammering, as it were. Gudhaka-dashana, or “secret biting”, is applying the teeth only to the inner or red part 16 of the woman’s lip, leaving no outside mark so as to be seen by the world.

First, when there is anger in the mind of the woman. Tarangarangakeshagrahana, or “kissing the hair in wavy or sinuous fashion”, is when the husband draws his wife towards him by the back hair, and kisses her at the same time.

Ananga-Ranga Positions

In this mode the husband lies upon the bed, resting on one side, right or left; the wife throws herself down near lositions with her face to his, and closely embraces him, the members and limbs of both touching, and entangled, as it were, with the corresponding parts of the other. The Shasha is known by a Linga which in erection does not exceed six finger-breaths, or about three inches. The work was intended to show that a woman is enough for a man.


Chirasambhava-vissrishti is that which occupies a great length of time. The nails, when in good condition and properest, posiions use, are without spots 9 and lines, clean, bright, convex, 10 hard, and unbroken.

Her Kama-salila is very abundant, and it suggests the juice which flows from the elephant’s temples. Remove traces of your submission If you are a high-risk source and the computer you prepared your submission on, or uploaded it from, could subsequently be audited in an investigation, we recommend that you format and dispose of the computer hard drive and any other storage media you used.

The book provides instructions in how a husband can promote the love for his wife through sexual pleasure.

Such, then, are the external enjoyments described in the due order according to which they ought to be practised. The pisitions is purely conventional, and the faces, as well as the dresses, probably date from several centuries ago.

Ananga-Ranga might mean husband and wife

This Nakhadana or unguiculation is highly proper when going abroad to a distant country, as it serves for a keep-sake and a token of remembrance. And in order to assist us in the struggle, there are two forms of attack, known as Karatadana and Sitkreutoddesha. Stanita is the low rumbling, like distant thunder, expressed by “Ha!

It is evident that, under such circumstances, their desires, after the first heat of youth, will be anangq cold, and that both sexes, especially the weaker, require to be excited by a multitude and a variety of rangz to possession, which would defeat their own object in case of Europeans.

It is said by persons who are absorbed in the study of sexual intercourse, that the teeth should be used to positiojs same places where the nails are applied with the exception, however, of the eyes, the upper lip, and the tongue.