Prędzej czy później musisz poznać czasowniki złożone w języku angielskim. Phrasal Verbs “frejzale” z nami to przyjemność. Nauka online z ćwiczeniami. Get this from a library! Angielski: idiomy i phrasal verbs: dla średnio zaawansowanych i zaawansowanych. [Dorota Koziarska; Andy Edwins; Miłogost Reczek;. Zapytaj eksperta. Wszystkie pytania · Dodaj pytanie · Główna Nauka Phrasal verbs dig in. KONWERSACJE MP3 ZA DARMO SPRAWDŹ».

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He didn’t turn up for class today. Anna tried to break away, but he held her tight. We’ve had a few problems in our marriage, but we’re both determined to make a go of it.

If something is done for the common weal, it is done in the interests and for the benefit of the majority or the general public.

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If someone is on the warpath, they are very angry about something and will do anything to get things sorted the way they want. If something is to little avail, it means that, despite great efforts, something ended in failure, but taking comfort from the knowledge that nothing else could have been done to avert or avoid the result.

I tried to break away from him, but he was holding me too tight. If a government changes its position radically on an issue, especially when they have promised not to do so, this is a U-turn.

Taking a bull by its horns would be the most direct but also the most dangerous way to try to compete with such an animal. If you give someone a wide berth, you keep yourself well away from them because they are dangerous.

A person who is true blue is loyal and dependable, someone who can be relied on in all circumstances. If someone has done something wrong or secret, but cannot hide it in their expression, it is written all over their face.


I don’t get along with my brother – we have nothing in common. A trump card is a resource or strategy that is held back for use at a crucial time when it will beat rivals or opponents.

If you walk a tightrope, you have to be very careful not to annoy or anger people who could become enemies. If you turn the other cheek, you are humble and do not retaliate or get outwardly angry when someone offends or hurts you, in fact, you give them the opportunity to re-offend instead and compound their unpleasantness. idiomu

I look forward to hearing from you soon! I am very tired. Common Phrasal Verbs Bring up, fall apart, get over, put through This phrasap is used to describe a person who appears gentle, but is determined and inflexible underneath.

If someone will do something till the pips squeak, they will do it to the limit, even though it will make other people suffer. If you do a volte-face on something, you make a sudden and complete change in your stance or position over an issue.

We decided to take a picnic and make a day of it. This means that things might turn out better or that there might be another opportunity in the future. USA If someone puts or throws a wrench, or monkey wrench, in the works, they ruin a plan.

If you worm information out of somebody, you persuade them to tell you something they wanted to keep from you. The tip of the iceberg is the part of a problem that can be seen, with far more serious problems lying underneath. idilmy

Idiomy T-Z

The word of the law means that the law is interpreted in an absolutely literal way which goes against the ideas that the lawmakers had wished to implement. A rake is a garden tool with a long, thin, wooden handle, so someone very thin is thin as a rake. We took a picnic lunch to the river and made a day of it.


A time-honoured practice is a traditional way of doing something that has become almost universally accepted as the most appropriate or suitable way. People whose behaviour is strictly controlled go over the top when the authority is not around, which is why most teenagers have parties when their parents have gone on holiday.

UK A person who changes their beliefs and principles to stay popular with people above them is a Vicar of Bray. I can barely hear the radio.

50 najpopularniejszych phrasal verbs

angielskki This idiom means that in order to achieve something or make progress, there are often losers in the process. If you take the plunge, you decide to do something or commit yourself even though you know there is an element of risk involved. If someone does something with a heavy hand, they do it in a strict way, exerting a lot of control. The boy tried to angiellski away, but his vervs held onto his coat, George’s excited horse broke away and ran off into the field.

You’re making too much noise. If someone has got the wrong end of the stick, they have misunderstood what someone has said to them. I’m sure John will help us – I can’t really answer for the others. If someone has tasted blood, they have achieved something and are encouraged to think that victory is within their grasp.

If you take the short straw, you lose a selection process, which means that you have to do something unpleasant. The managers of that company have vergs lot to answer for.

Normally parents have to answer for their children’s behaviour.