The Bible and the Future has ratings and 50 reviews. Dave said: A great resource for a better, and scholarly, understanding of an amillenialist posit. Writing from the perspective that the coming of God’s kingdom is both present and future, Hoekema covers the full range of eschatological. This book is an attempt to set forth biblical eschatology, or what the Bible teaches about the future. As noted in the Appendix, there are three major.

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Jesus is reigning right now in heaven.

Chapter 9 goes further to discuss the intermediate state in which Christians are in the presence of God, but without their resurrected bodies. Unless we are reigning over dogs and cats, the word reign is being used differently than in its normal sense. View original post 1, more words. This has two kinds of applications. Hoekema’s The Hte and the Future is broken into two main sections: Logos Your favorite Eerdmans titles can be purchased through leading retailers including Amazon.

Bible and the Future

Both the critique of dispensationalism and the explanation of the inaugurated but yet to be consumated kingdom are strong. Having read The Bible and the Future, I’m convinced that a balanced amillennialist viewpoint does more justice to the Tye record than any other view. His “Critique of Dispensational Premillenialism” was the highlight of the book.


Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. So perhaps I was already well-prepared to reject any form of premillenialism but had yet to read such Lucid and extremely helpful systematic study of the eschatology. This is an excellent book on eschatology, if only a little dated. Definitely one to get if blble want to study more of eschatology and millennial views.

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Very readable and full of great insight. Hoekema takes alternative views seriously and endeavours to defend what he believes are the positions that are most faithf Hoekeema book gives a thorough treatment of just about all aspects of Biblical eschatology: Excellent read on eschatology!

Selected pages Title Page. Adolf hoekemq Harnack,said that the gospel is about the fatherhood of God and the infinite value of the human soul. By presenting these other views alongside his amillennial perspective, this makes his arguments more reliable and persuasive. I found this book helpful in fleshing out the amillennial perspective.

The Bible and the Future – Anthony A. Hoekema : Eerdmans

Hoekema saturated this book with scripture and paints a comprehensive picture of what is to come. This second section deals with four major eschatological themes: Of course the millennium is not the real issue but rather what is expected to happen between the first and second comings.

Worship and Liturgy Sacraments and Rites. Hoekema’s book is a must read for a good introduction to the various eschatological positions, as well as an able defense of amillennialism.


These all look forward to fulfillment. Some theologians see a sharp discontinuity between the current Earth and the New Earth, but Hoekema sees a smooth transition where the current Hte is restored and cleansed. It engages other millennial views with respect and a best effort at fairness while attempting to refute them scripturally, but this isn’t it’s primary focus.

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Hoekema writes from a Reformed Amillennialist perspective. History is the sp Good as a comprehensive survey of eschatalogical positions, and solid on hell, resurrection and a physical new earth.

If the Eschatological Crazies have got you down then you should consider this book. Does his exegesis of Revelation 20 work? He gives arguments to refute the first three of those, but saves Chapter 15 for a thorough argument against dispensational premillennial.

The author’s thee is amillennial. Jesus spoke of the kingdom of God in both present tense and future tense. While positing the amillennial understanding of future eschatology, Hoekema very spends time in chapter 14 discussing the various views of the millennium. Commentaries Old Testament New Testament.