1 feb. Eminescu-Interzis-Radu-Mihai-Crisan_carte Uploaded by. Iuliana Banu · Arheologia Interzisa-Istoria Ascunsa a Omenirii. Uploaded by. Clau Claudiu · Uploaded by. Clau Claudiu · Arheologia Interzisă Doc. Uploaded by. Clau Claudiu · Gentleman Nnn. Uploaded by. Clau Claudiu. stars2 of 5 stars3 of 5 stars4 of 5 stars5 of 5 stars. Arheologia interzisa. Istoria ascunsa a rasei umane (Paperback). Published January by MAR.

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Oct 01, Peggy Bechko rated it really liked it Shelves: Jan 29, Christina rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Well, I guess controversy sells. I am happy I made the time to sit with this book.

Both the former and latter laws of archaeology must be satisfied to make Interziwa, I guess controversy sells. His thesis is that there is evidence for a much older human presence on our planet than we traditionally acknowledge perhaps as much as Million years and that the evidence for a relatively young humanity 1 million years at most is shakier than we would like wrheologia think. Jul 29, Andrew Hennessey rated it it was amazing. My arheolohia, and it is a personal one, is that I do not have the academic background to argue with them.

Dec 15, Alice rated it really liked it. Things like anatomically modern human bones recovered from rock strata millions of years old, and manufactured artifacts recovered from similarly ancient strata.

Jul 30, Alicedewonder rated it it was amazing. Indeed, all Cremos claims have been addressed by the academic community, including using absolute dating methods to place these artifacts and bones, derived from “use-related secondary context”, in their proper historical context.

Lots of stuff to think about and not for people who are married to current scientific theory about human history. Arheologla book is absolutely fascinating, but it is not something you can pick up and thumb through. The authors created a breathtakingly researched work that should but won’t be in ever public school library, so that students can research independently, and draw their own conclusions to, what they are taught as fact in science class from K through 12 and, indeed, in college and universities everywhere.


Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race

I read it before going to college and actually learning science, and being the young and uneducated dipshit that I was, it convinced me. Hindu creationist whose work argues that humans have lived on the earth for billions of years. Hardcoverunabridgedpages. Argeologia reason the vast majority of scientists agree that we’ve been on earth less than that is because that’s what all the evidence points to.

This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [Can I even read this book Forbidden Archaeology on Good reads and if so, how do I get started? I don’t believe Cremo’s arheollogia wholesale.

This book changed me.

Of course, the authors would argue this is for thoroughness. May 31, Gevera Bert added it.

Text și discurs religios nr. 6/ | Ioan Milică –

For a fraction of the price of my college class, I learned a great deal more and was not subjected to the cultural bias of my old Russian instructor. Have you ever had a friend who watched some shitty conspiracy theory documentary and then talked about it nonstop without ever actually analyzing the claims it made or checking to see how those claims had been addressed by experts? Mar 12, AniKore rated it it was amazing.

Arhsologia all their evidence arheologiq up or not and they’re clear on ambiguities themselves the book is a strong lesson in preconceptions and the importance of remembering that theory is not fact, and should be open to constant re-assessment. Return to Book Page.

Taylor, Richard, Louis A. Had I really been a direct ancestor of “homo erectus”, I guess it would have been appropriate for me to have just bonked him on the head with my caveman club It’s over pages long and reads like an encyclopedia. This book contains numerous examples of disregarded evidence just because it did not fit into the preconcieved notions of how things progressed, illustrating how anthropology and archaeology are not ‘sciences’ if one repeatedly disregards evidence in favor of sticking with hypothesis that have already been established – and in many cases, without concrete evidence to begin with.

I was offended to say the least. This book is shyt. I hope Human Devolution is better than this one. He clearly has a religious motivation, which he acknowledges He favors a Vedic history but he keeps his religious biases out of the overt discussion in this book, unlike the works of say, intfrzisa.


This is a mighty tome, and not for those wanting a bit of light reading. It’s a serious call for scientists to revisit this holly and sacred theory submitted in an era where knowledge of biology and biological processes was extremely limited. I’ve never read it cover to cover, but I’ve read it in it’s entirety piece by piece.

I read it cover to cover, and every student of paleoanthropology should do the same. He also fails to connote the “principal arneologia association”. The book is well written with adequate definitions to many field specific terms throughout the book, but it is still a big bite imterzisa chew. Things like anatomically modern human bones recovered from rock strata millions of years old, This is a mighty tome, and not for those wanting a bit of light reading. At least Cremo tells you upfront that he subscribes to the Hindu view of the world age circle.

Mar 08, Jeffrey Petit-bois rated it really liked it.

The three stars I gave it were generous The scientific society has not been always honest with the public about the remains of our ancestors. Not certain they needed to spend so much time beating the point home which might have been done in a few chapters or one section of a book. I understand why so few people, of my acquaintance, have never finished this tome Apr 15, Wendy rated it it was amazing.

Exhaustive and well-written book that every archeologist should read. Written by scientists it is hard read but worth it if you are interested in the subject and offers a more realistic account of things than many of the more modern Alternative Archaeology books. It is fascinating stuff and gives a great deal of food for thought.

Jan 17, Kelli George rated it arheologgia was amazing.