The cloth edition of Assia Djebar’s Women of Algiers in Their Apartment, her first work to be published in English, was named by the American Literary. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The cloth edition of Assia Djebar’s Women of Algiers in Their Apartment, her first work to be published in English. Assia Djebar: Women of Algiers in Their Apartment. On 25 June , Delacroix disembarks in Algiers for a short stopover. He has just spent a month in.

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In this watershed work about the ongoing mistreatment and repression of Algerian women, Djebar takes her title from the midth-century painting by Eugene Delacroix that depicts Algerian women in a harem scene. In these, Djebar herself emerges as a fascinating individual who has lived an extra-ordinary life. Return to Book Page. Karima Boulgoute rated it it was amazing Nov 16, Can’t believe I read this six years ago.

This is not intermediary reading. Usually I can parse a clue from a networked review or an entry on an esteemed list, but none of that readily reveals itself on this website’s hyperlinks. I liked that this book was a collection of short stories but they told a greater story as a whole. Though every woman has a story embroiled in vivid emotions, they are often memories and reflections, rather than being in the midst of the moment itself; recollections of torture during the war, or the mourning of a child heard through the walls of the apartment keeps the reader separate from the actual event in most cases, or draws them in after the event to witness the response.

She adopted the pen name Assia Djebar when her first novel, La Soif Hunger was published inin France where she was studying at the Sorbonne. That’s what rereading is for, even if it takes a succession of such. Jan 17, Scott Cox rated it really liked it Shelves: The result is a deeply realistic book, to whom people can relate and recognise the character feelings as human ones.

It may have been an issue of the quality of t I began this book because the group diversity in all its forms was reading it and I wanted to participate in the discussion about it.

Woven into the sections that dealt with war were scenes described from the inside of cultural institutions.

Denounced in Algeria for its political criticism, Djebar’s book quickly sold out its first printing of 15, copies in France and was hugely popular in Italy. Dec 02, Lisa rated it it was ok.

Women of Algiers in Their Apartment

The stories in this are wide ranging, but nearly all of them are concerned with the lives inner and otherwise of Algerian women throughout history though most are rooted in the 20th century, both before and after the Algerian struggle od independence from French colonial rule. The painting features three Algerian women seated in front of a hookah with a black slave woman looking backwards towards them.


I thinkI needed to know more about the Algerian culture and its history to really appreciate this. It didn’t help that I had the most monotone lecturer of my life for this text either. Her point is that even in the decades since Algeria’s independence from France inindigenous women are still cultural prisoners, limited in movement and expression by fathers, brothers, husbands and Muslim laws.

This is not really a novel, but a collection of six stories and an essay that describe various aspects of the contemporary Algerian woman’s repression and plight. I did read it in French and in English after. Short stories are still not my favorite, and while someone like Flannery O’Connor can fly by me on them at first sight, I doubt that would have happened had she needed a translation from a country more foreign than the much northerly-maligned South.

Jun 22, Helynne rated it really liked it.

Women of Algiers in Their Apartment by Assia Djebar

On the other hand, if you are looking to broaden your horizon and allow fictional narrative to enter your mind and challenge your notions, then this book is a great fit. Caribbean and African Literature translated from the French. This was required reading for my English senior seminar, but this was not the kind of book that I simply rushed through.

Reading this story, knowing nothing about Arab lands, helped lift a veil that was in my own mind. She talks about language elsewhere in a i that makes me think I am confused about her position on language in this text. Jan 26, Nic rated it really liked it Shelves: If I had had a better grip of Algerian or Islamic life, I might have been more appreciative.

Dec 01, Ferris rated it it was amazing. Perhaps the most intimate moment is revealed through the water-carrier of the bathhouse, a place where women go to talk about things they cannot open up about elsewhere. Now available in paperback, this collection of three long stories, three short ones, and a theoretical postface by algoers of North Africa’s leading writers depicts the plight of urban Algerian women who have thrown off the shackles of colonialism only to face a postcolonial regime that denies and subjugates them even as it celebrates the liberation of men.

But I either should not have read this in translation or it is just too The title of this collection refers to a painting by Eugene Delacroix, which was allegedly inspired by a brief visit inside the harem of a home in Morocco.


Skip to main content. Looking at the cover of the novel alone, you might think that this book is about helpless women. These are stories of Algerian households and how hteir are made, remade and how they sometimes, fall apart in times of war and political tumult. Jan 10, Priti rated it it was ok. But, really, because of views on language, the two elements are importantly connected. The book is composed by some short-medium lenght novels that focus on women in the times of Algerian independence.

EmilyKatherine rated it liked it Oct 18, Denounced in Algeria for its political criticism, Djebar’s book quickly sold out its first printing of 15, copies in France and was hugely popular in Italy.

Women of Algiers in Their Apartment, Translated by Marjolijn de Jager, Afterword by Clarisse Zimra

The actual title short story featured in the book surprisingly challenged me the most. This collection also includes an essay about the Delacroix aartment and an interview with the author by the editor. I’d be willing to believe this is just a bad translation, if somebody were to argue in favor of Ms. We gain insight into a world we’ve only ever heard theor. Thus, it would have been better for me to go the feminine bildungsroman route of Fantasiawhich in addition to being more relatable to an extent also is more popular and more reviewed by my on hand associates, allowing for more gazes trained towards the subject aaprtment the number that spawned the image that graces both front cover and academic analysis.

Armstrong is a Canadian writer currently based in the UK.

In the words of one of her characters. In a unique moment of transition as she is rushed out of the bathhouse and towards the hospital, in a first-person stream of consciousness the water-carrier reveals the burden on her shoulders as she recounts moments of life which have been torn away in perpetual servitude, and of the joys denied her.

Books by Assia Djebar. Mostly because I think her beautiful prose and storytelling would be lost in my attempt to sort out her complex interpretations of feminism, colonialism, and subjectivity.

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