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Apart from looking at some commercially available stroboscope discs, Ron Tipton explains how to print one from files that are freely available on the Internet, and explains how to build your own multiple-LED lamp to check the rotations.

Pete Millett’s DIY Audio pages

July 25, by Pete Millett. April 28, by Ari Polisois. A compactron triple-triode driver for push-pull amps. Class-A2 amp using a power opamp driver. The DIY “Butte” solid-state headphone audioxress.

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This article from respected author Ari Polisois deals with a single-ended amplifier with enough power to drive even the most difficult speaker systems – delivering 50W per channel.

I also have written articles for AudioXpress magazine formerly Glass Audio on occasion. Low-voltage Audiozpress amplifier with adjustable damping.

I’m just old enough that I actually build and used tube some stuff when it was still in production. A high-end Tube Microphone Preamp. I completed the design and construction of an archival phono preamplifier, which provides variable equalization along with several other operational necessities for playing vintage records rpm discs, pre-RIAA LPs, lacquer transcription discs, and so on.

  DGI XP 2506D PDF

The “Engineer’s Amplifier”an affordable, high-performance push-pull TV pentode amp. I do this through eBay – I maintain an eBay store “pmillett”.

I have a normal “day job” that pays the bills, this is strictly a hobby with me. Follow the links below for detailed info There’s no better way to pay tribute to Ron than revisit some of these projects. So please do not expect me to provide the level of technical auxioxpress that you might expect when buying audioxprsss product. Now that turntables are back in force, this excellent project not only allows some knowledge about a vital part of the motor’s rotational speed adjustment, but it also dives into one of the most crucial aspects of a record player for anyone interested in a little DIY or restoration projects.

March 27, by Joel Hatch. A lifetime electronics geek, I got a ham radio license at the age of 8 and a first-class commercial radio license at I do sell things, including projects I no longer need, PC boards for my designs, and occasionally parts and tubes.

For technical books, tube data, vintage data, transformer data, and McIntosh data, go to: Where to get stuff – an assorted list of some of my suppliers. When it came to selecting topologies for the balanced inputs and outputs, I ruled out transformers due to high cost, physical bulk, and weight.

T-reg: A High-Voltage Regulator for Tube Amps

Please, if you send me e-mail, make sure that there is a logical “subject”, or your mail will get dumped along with all the junk mail spam audipxpress I get – it’s up to about junk e-mails per day now. So, you can use it however you want, for commercial or non-commercial use. An isolated current sensor board to measure plate current using a PanelPilot meter. This article was originally published in audioXpress, June The NuHybrid headphone amp, a hybrid headphone amp using the Korg Nutube.


Parts shopping in Asia sorry, getting a bit out of date. EL push-pull single-stage “spud” amp experiment. Audioxpresd amp – 50W from 2 tubes in class AB2.

This is a depository for audioxpres audio designs and projects – mostly tube – that I’ve put in the public domain, as well as additional info to support magazine articles that I’ve written, and an ever-growing amount of technical data archives relating to vintage and tube audio. Tube-regulated high-voltage bench power supply.

audioXpress Supplementary Material

The author describes a microphone amplifier designed to interface a standard dynamic microphone to a soundcard or other computer microphone input with a 5V through 2. I owned and operated Wheatfield Audio, which made tube headphone amps but no money!

I’ve been an electrical engineer for nearly thirty years, doing mostly computer and consumer electronics design work. Muting relay PCB to eliminate the “thumps”. The results, as the author describes, “combine the advantage s of the push-pull akdioxpress power to the wonderful character of the SE: This simple single-ended amp project by Pete Millett is a great performer and a very well documented project that was immediately audioxprrss by many DIY’er’s.

The “Glowing Hybrid” amp. I consider all the information that I post here to be in the public domain.