This is the kind of CD that only ECM’s producer Manfred Eicher could come up with. The juxtaposition of Johann Sebastian Bach and Anton Webern makes. Ricercata) a 6 voci (arranged by: Anton Webern) Of the thirteen pieces of exquisite Bach known to us as the “Musical Offering”, the Fugue has the most. Johann Sebastian Bach Anton Webern Ricercar The Hilliard Ensemble Monika Mauch soprano David James countertenor Rogers.

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The terms “fugue,” “ricercata,” and “ricercar” are used interchangeably in this context.

Hearing this has changed everything for me. The conceit that informs this disc is that Bach and Webern ‘s meditations of life, death, ricecrar eternity are essentially complementary, that Bach ‘s Lutheran faith and Baroque aesthetic and Webern ‘s Catholic faith and Modernist aesthetic speak of a shared belief in the luminous and the numinous.

What must be considered as interpretation in his version of the Fugue is very much imbued with subjective elements; this can be noted even in the visual effect of the notation in the score. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Johann Webetn Bach Fuga 2. Frederick wanted to show the elder Bach a novelty, the fortepianowhich had been invented some years earlier. If you are a library, university or other organisation that would be interested in an institutional subscription to Gramophone please click here for further information.

It thus has no final cadence. Wsbern 4 “Christ lag in Todesbanden” Anton Webern: Sign up for our gach This weave ricercad to pull the orchestra from a profound slumber, also drawing from within it deeper threads that unfold rather than obscure their source.

And, wegern Webern could orchestrate Bach, then why not let Poppen orchestrate Webern? Recorded inin Paris. Whether you want to see what we think of today’s latest releases or discover what our critics thought of your favourite recordings from the past, you will find it all in our full-searchable Reviews Database.


The Modern Jazz Quartet used one of the canons originally “for two violins at the unison” as an introduction to their performance of the standard song “Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise. ECM’s sound is first rate. Gramophone products and those of specially selected partners from the world of music.

Shopping options License request Hire request. While the goal of the latter project was to reveal what was hidden, here it is to direct our ears to what is already there. The structural comparisons are far from arbitrary.

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ricercarr Even in the Webern, Poppen’s interpretive austerity is welcome; in the Bach, the conductor maintains a clear and “authentically” objective style. The Ricercar a 6a six-voice fugue which is regarded as the highpoint of the entire work, was put forward by the musicologist Charles Rosen as the most significant piano composition in history partly because it is one of the first.

Sexy Trippy All Moods. As Bach’s Ricercar was written early in his career, another early work by Bach, the Cantata 4, has been added to the program.

Classical Net Review – J.S. Bach/Webern – Ricercar

These compositions are called the riddle fugues or sometimes, more appropriately, the riddle canons. Not unlike the preceding cantata, it awakens in plush contours into a duet of sorts before regaling us with tutti and solo passages in turn.

The Hilliards sing beautifully, both solo and in ensemble, and the balance between voices and instruments is impeccable. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The interrelation of motifs is impossible to miss. Andreas Neubronner Produced by Manfred Eicher. It multiplies the possibilities of estrangement from the original.

The New Bach Reader. Notify me of new posts via email.

Bach, Webern: Ricercar

On the contrary, he faced it squarely. Some of the canons of The Musical Offering are represented in the original score by no more than ricercsr short monodic melody of a few measures, with a more or less enigmatic inscription in Latin above the melody.


Each is a universe in fragments waiting to be painted, and the exigencies of our fragile existence its subjects. The bookending ricercar does, in fact, support the program bahc the columns of some aged temple, letting ficercar language therein build from the afterlife of a single oboe line.

Chamber music and orchestral works abch, and transcriptions after, Johann Sebastian Bach. You are commenting using your WordPress. As the printed version gives the impression of being organised for convenient page turning when sight-playing the score, the order of the pieces intended by Bach if there was an intended order remains uncertain, although it is customary to open the collection with the Ricercar a 3and play the trio sonata toward the end.

Ricercar is neither trying to modernize Bach nor even to accentuate the timelessness of his music, but rather ricefcar an informed look into the prism of its inception. From the first notes of the ethereal Ricercata through the spirituality of Webern ‘s string quartetthe dreadful mystery of Bach ‘s Cantata No. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Ursula Kirkendale [8] argued for a close connection with the twelve-volume rhetorical manual Institutio Oratoria of the Roman orator Quintilianwhom Frederick the Great admired.

Webern’s transcription of the Bah Fugue is not, for all its individuality of conception, a late contribution to the art of musical transformation.

Marissen sees an incongruity between the official dedication to Frederick the Great and the effect of the music, which is often melancholy, even mournful. Sorry, your blog cannot share webdrn by email.