BC Introduction to the ABAP Workbench mySAP Technology Date Training Center Instructors Education Website Participant Handbook Course Version. Utilize the ABAP Workbench tools efficiently central types (ABAP Dictionary types); Overview of important ABAP statements; Using internal tables ( introduction). The goal of the ABAP Workbench Foundations (BC) course is for you to gain a BC (Introduction to Programming with ABAP) or previous programming.

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However, in more complex programs, we will require several different event blocks. You normally type a field using a data element Field Type.

To create objects from an object list, you can use the context menu for that object type. Check for display authorization for airlines 1. You open the context menu for an workbejch you have selected previously by right-clicking the object if you have a mouse for left-handed operation, then the left wotkbench button.

Screen The same editing options are available for the screen as for list display and the selection screen: If this is not the case, display an appropriate error message on the list. Data Retrieval BC When assigning authorizations, you should specify exactly which data users are allowed to access and what kind of access should be allowed.

You must specify the abao message number and the message class. Proceed as you did in the previous exercise.

The type of an interface parameter defines the type of the values actual parameters that are passed when the modularization unit is called. Unlike database tables, the system may number workhench rows for an internal table.


Transporting Repository Objects Development projects are always implemented in a development system and then transported to the next system. Start your program from the navigation area, and the system will use the active version.

Working with Internal Tables Key definition The key columns and their sequence define the criteria by which the table rows are identified. Expanding a component displays all the packages that are assigned to that component.

Developing Programs and Organizing Developments Exercise 3: Selection Screen Attributes Selection screens are input masks for value sets that restrict the amount of data read from the database. Design the selection screen. In the case of unique keys, there are no multiple entries in internal tables with identical keys.

BC Introduction to the ABAP Workbench | Livio Barone –

Technically speaking, however, there are three different types of screens: The program context contains memory areas for variables and complex data objects, information on the screens for user dialogs, and ABAP processing blocks.

When you are creating a screen, ths system will ask you to enter screen attributes. For each data record, display the contents of the fields carrid, connid, fldate, seatsocc, and seatsmax on the list: Person Responsible This person has full responsibility for the objects in this package.

Relational Data Model The introductlon data model contains entities intgoduction all business information that is logically connected, such as: The system then automatically selects the appropriate tool for processing the object selected. Despite this fact, the database interface can use the primary index in this case for selecting the data records.


Course Description for BC

Which table type you should use in each case depends on how that table’s entries are generally going to be accessed: It provides you absp an overview of all repository objects in your package. To display the subobjects, double-click an object within the object workbech. They cannot be split, which also means that they cannot be nested.

Data Retrieval BC Figure This level contains the user interface through which each user can access the program, enter new data, and receive the results of a work process. Check for display authorization for airlines II wbap. Select only those fields that have a target field in the work area. The sample program has a selection screen as the user dialog, a variable and a structure as data objects, and one ABAP processing block.

BC400 ABAP Workbench: Foundations

I Information The program is continued after a dialog box. Comply with the customer namespace conventions. If a single record is accessed, this data object is usually a structure that contains components for all the required database fields.